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Aquaponics Course

    Want to combine raising fish and growing plants into a super-efficient cultivation system? Discover how aquaponics systems work, and how they can create

    Building a Green Property Course

      Do you want to build your own home and make it as green and sustainable as possible? Learn how to position your home on your property to work with nature

      Chickens Course

        Considering Keeping Chickens But Not Sure How To Start? This Course Will Show You How Learn the many reasons why chickens make a great and easy

        Communication Course

          Communicate to collaborate learn how to make positivity and mindfulness the guiding principles of your conversations Discover how to interact with others

          Companion, Guild and Succession Planting Course

            Discover how making connections between plants can create productive ecosystems Learn the principles behind companion, guild, and succession planting

            Compost Course

              Do you want to learn how to create your own organic compost one of the most powerful materials in permaculture? Explore the different types of material

              Graywater Course

                Discover how to divert, store and use graywater from your home on your garden safely and effectively Explore the options for reusing water

                Greener Home Course

                  Make your home eco-friendly, non-toxic, energy efficient and less wasteful with this online course! Learn how making simple changes in your home can

                  Maximum Gardening Course

                    Want to follow the journey that a plant takes from seed to harvest? Okay, let s go! Discover how seeds germinate, and the ways that you can provide the

                    Mediation Course

                      Learn how to move from conflict to collaboration advanced communication techniques to consistently create positive connectionMake mindfulness your

                      Mindfulness and Meditation Course

                        Calm your mind and gain a deeper understanding of yourself with the power of mindfulness and meditation. Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your

                        Mulch Course

                          Learn how to make mulch a key part of your permaculture design to improve soil and maximize yield Explore the options when it comes to choosing

                          Nutrition Course

                            Eat, feel, and live better. Learn how food affects your body, how to eat plants and feel greatGain an understanding of what effect different types of food

                            Permaculture Basics Course

                              The ultimate introduction to permaculture and sustainable living!Have you always wanted to try permaculture, organic gardening, going green, and

                              Permaculture Mastery

                                Transform your home into a beautiful, sustainable & healthy oasis that provides you abundant organic food & clean water.Redesign your property, learn to

                                Prolonging the Harvest Course

                                  Food preservation methods to make the most of your crops and minimize waste Learn how to preserve food with a variety of techniques from freezing

                                  Rainwater Course

                                    Learn all the ways to slow, sink, spread, and store water on your permaculture property Discover many types of rainwater harvesting system, including

                                    Soil and Garden Beds Course

                                      Want to know how you can improve your soil and learn to build garden beds? Discover how soil is made, what it is made from, and how you can improve the soil

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                                      Free Sustainable Living Articles

                                      How to Grow Strawberries

                                        There are many reasons to make strawberries a part of the design for your permaculture plot. Not only do they taste great even when eaten straight

                                        How to Stack Firewood

                                          Having a wood burning stove, an open fireplace or a hydronic heater that uses the energy from burning wood to heat water for use in the home, is an

                                          4 Methods of Rainwater Harvesting

                                            It can be easy to take rainwater for granted, particularly if you live in a temperate or tropical climate where drought is a rare event. But we need to

                                            12 Beneficial Insects for Your Permaculture Plot

                                              Insects are the most numerous type of animal on the planet. With tens of thousands of different species and billions of individuals alive at any one

                                              12 Things Not to Put in Your Permaculture Compost Pile

                                                Compost is one of the permaculture gardener s most potent tools. It recycles "waste" from the garden and the home and turns it into a material rich

                                                Top 10 Reasons to Consider Circular Beds

                                                  Circular planting beds have become almost a signature part of permaculture garden design. Typically constructed with a keyhole path for access, they

                                                  Top 10 Companion Plants

                                                    Spring is finally here, and with it, planting season. Before buying ineffective, expensive and harmful chemical pesticides or fertilizers, try some

                                                    5 Friendly Forrest Fellas

                                                      Following plant life, animals in a permaculture garden are necessary for the ecosystem to flourish. They keep pests in check, pollinate flowers

                                                      7 Reasons Not to Eat Cage Eggs

                                                        Anyone who keeps chickens on their permaculture ploy knows what delightful animals they can be. Different species have their own character traits

                                                        Renewable Energy is Here - Solar Energy Prices Are Hitting The Floor

                                                          Solar Energy - Past, Present And Future Who knew in just one decade solar energy would become a leading source of renewable energy? Two states, California

                                                          11 Inputs to Help Design Your Site

                                                            When you are looking to start a permaculture garden, one of the first tasks you will need to do is to read your land. By gathering as much information

                                                            7 Tips for Creating a Garden to Attract Wildlife

                                                              Permaculture systems work with nature and give value to all parts of it. While producing edible crops is one of the main focuses of any permaculture

                                                              9 Edible Weeds

                                                                Weeds have long been the bane of traditional gardener s lives. Invasive, unsightly and tenacious, they required a lot of effort to get rid of and

                                                                How to Grow Kale

                                                                  In recent years kale has gained renown for being one of the healthiest vegetables around. While the fact that it s reputation needed to be reanimated

                                                                  What is Permaculture? The Foundation: Ethics

                                                                    Design is the first signal of human intention. William McDonough Permaculture is about design from ecological landscapes to everyday tools

                                                                    How to Grow Figs

                                                                      While you can buy dried figs all year round, they are a very different proposition to fresh figs, particularly those that you have grown yourself

                                                                      How to Attract Bats to Garden

                                                                        Apart from the obvious exception of owls, most bird species are active during the day. But many insect species are nocturnal, and pests can damage crops

                                                                        4 Types of Succession Planting

                                                                          Succession planting is a useful technique for maximizing the vegetable yield from a permaculture plot. Used in vegetable plantings it can mean that you

                                                                          Here are some hot discussions in our forums...

                                                                          Removing trees entirely to restart native plant growth? (ex commercial forest)

                                                                            Similar to Rauls’ post “how to bring back life to a very depleted land??” I am facing a similar riddle.

                                                                            We bought 10 acres of ex State Forest, in Queensland Australia, that has been slashed 2-3 times per annum for ...


                                                                              Hello from Canada,
                                                                              After general science study, I tried architecture (cause I’ve like to get optimal design for many years) but the focus was on the appearance and my interest was on utility and landscape design. Therefore, I tried ...

                                                                              Anita from Islamabad Pakistan

                                                                                Hi I am Anita from Australia living in Pakistan – I am abit obsessed with food security and clean water availability as they are already serious issues here in Paksitan.

                                                                                I have a friend who did a permaculture course ...

                                                                                Starting a Career in Permaculture


                                                                                  My name is Veronica and Im 24 from Australia. I am absolutely loving this course and I aspire to get into permaculture and buy land and start a permaculture farm. I also wish to travel and teach communities and ...


                                                                                    hi interested to hear in lecture 52 urban permaculture around 40 minutes in – if everyone was to become organic we would not have enough manure

                                                                                    ok this was a conversation i was have with local distributors and remembering all ...

                                                                                    Steps by Steps Details of First Food Forest in Pakistan—–Introductory Part

                                                                                      As I have promised to share my first project with you from start to end. Yesterday on 4th February 2015 I have signed a final agreement to make “First Experimental Food Forest Project” I want to include ...

                                                                                      plant guilds

                                                                                        Dear all,
                                                                                        I was surprised to find no posts on guilds. What plants work better together. May be I was looking at wrong spot, if so, please send me right way. My situation is following: I planted several fruit ...

                                                                                        Bill Mollison's book

                                                                                          I am having problems finding the Bill Mollison book on permaculture design. On Amazon the book was $58, the next day I was going to purchase the book and the price had tripled.

                                                                                          Barnes and Noble book store can not ...

                                                                                          Fall of man

                                                                                            In the first video, Larry says that nature is perfect, but that little experiment with Humans might not have gone so well.

                                                                                            As a Catholic Christian, I think our view of Humanity fits well with Permaculture.

                                                                                            God created nature perfect. ...

                                                                                            Hello from Connecticut


                                                                                              Thank you for putting together this online course for permaculture enthusiasts to take.It lowers the barrier for many people, which cost prohibitive, was not available to many interested people previously. Hopefully eventually, the cost ...

                                                                                              Maple tree canopy…food forest?

                                                                                                I have a 100+ year old farmstead that has HUGE old maples in the yard. I just started the course, but wanted to start thinking about things I can add this spring. I have no understory….just maples to grass. ...

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