Regenerative Leadership Retreat

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Imagine waking up each morning excited for the new day and fiercely loving your life, deeply rooted in knowing that your values and your lifestyle are perfectly aligned with time-tested patterns of nature. This program integrates solitude, meditation, community, and life coaching with the intention of supporting you in making lasting, profound, healthy changes in your life. This is your invitation to reclaim your own path in life through nature connection and listening, reflection, community and coaching.

hSpend a week immersed in nature, in both community as well as in focused solitude. Clarify your own coherent vision for an extraordinary life path and then create and implement that vision in support of a professional coaching process and a supportive community of practice.

This experiential permaculture-grounded regenerative leadership wilderness quest meets the social and environmental challenges through a transformational nature-based leadership paradigm. This camping trip integrates solitude, meditation, community, and life coaching to support you in making lasting, profound, healthy changes in your life.

“I will never be able to look at the world through the same lens again, and for that I am grateful. I also feel a great sense of responsibility that comes with awareness of what is and what can be and I have a clearer sense of purpose and direction for my life that was a living seed in me before the course that broke its shell afterwards.” ~Sarah T.

Join a generation of awake and engaged people who understand their fundamental role in the world through the lens of integrity-based nature-inspired leadership that inherently builds community. Find your own true voice and place, while learning to inspire, empower and facilitate lasting change – in your life, in your family, in your community and in the larger world. After all, our collective future truly depends on each of us becoming the most vibrant and awake human beings creating beautiful, amazing, thriving lives deeply intertwined with nature and living in community.

Clarity. Coherency. Vision. Connection. Community.
During this program, you will spend several days in solitude combined with several days in community. The entire process is designed to give you both the space and the support to create a vision for your life complete with achievable next steps and a long-term support system that will enable you to attain your goals.

Regenerative LeadershipAlthough wilderness retreats and quests have been part of human life for centuries, this program is very much a modern day leadership retreat designed to provide participants with incredible results in their day-to-day lives in the context of an emerging regenerative culture. The intention is for each participant to re-discover their right place in the world and gain powerful tools that will enable them to create incredible results for their lives within the context of emergence of a regenerative culture now taking root.

“The highlight was the fascinating, friendly and well-educated group of people who attended. I feel very fortunate to have had contact with so many of these folks and continue to keep in touch with many.” ~Nancy G.

The program is followed up with a group coaching call, included as part of your tuition. Optional focused one-on-one coaching is available to assist participants in working through specific challenges in their lives. We invite, but certainly do not require, participants to return each month as they desire, since each month the program has a distinctly unique focus and curriculum, and this program is designed to be a year-long immersion.

What Exactly is the Regenerative Culture School?
It’s a a meaningful invitation to completely re-imagine your life through curriculum rooted in patterns of nature that have been with human beings since the beginning. The program integrates the patterns of traditional rites of passage with coaching, leadership development, permaculture, deep ecology, meditation, non-violent/compassionate communication, spiral dynamics and much more.

Camping fireThe program fills a void of meaning in our dominant culture through nature connection, leadership development, and meaningful community building. There is a truly desperate need to create meaningful community spaces other than what shopping malls and churches have been able to offer our people, and the only truly coherent way to do that is through re-integrating deeply with the natural world. The program offers participants both a space and a process to integrate nature into their lives in a way that creates lasting, profound results.

We must also respectfully note that although arising out of traditions that have been with human beings for centuries, this program is in no way meant to be a traditional vision quest or a traditional meditation retreat. While we deeply respect and honor those traditions, this modern-day retreat is designed to combine intensive regenerative leadership coaching with a nature connection immersion. This course is a modern-day leadership outdoor experience designed specifically to meet modern-day environmental and social challenges, many of which are a result of our profound disconnect from nature.

“This was a life-changing program for me, and solidified my interest in creating my life and work around and through permaculture principles. I would take it again in a heartbeat.” ~Lynn F.

Regenerative Leadership for Sustainability
The core of our work consists of a way of looking at authentic leadership as the result of specific personal capacities that one can cultivate while at the same time developing observation and whole system thinking patterns. All of these capacities are really fundamentally also ways of being, and in turn from these personal capacities, other competencies, skills and ways of engaging inevitably grow.

woman in forestThe basic model of regenerative leadership turns traditional concepts of leadership upside down in the sense that our understanding of leadership has nothing whatsoever with followers or other people, but rather everything to do with leading an empowered, creative, authentic, beautiful, thriving life and empowering others to do the same. Our core belief is that the world does not need more martyrs, but rather what’s needed most to meet the challenges our planet is facing are awake, conscious, coherent people who are stepping into the power to lead truly full-spectrum lives.

Our world-class instructors draw on a great range of sources of wisdom and latest science to bring you a very coherent and clear set of tools you will be able to take home with you to create and implement real lasting results in your life.

Program Logistics and Details
During this camping experience, we will place our camp at a formal campground, usually at a state park. This program has very much been designed with urban dwellers in mind, so do not worry if you have not camped extensively before — we’ll teach you everything you need to know.

“The experiences I have had and people I have met has been life changing. Be prepared to meet awesome people, eat lovingly prepared healthy food and connect truthfully and completely with yourself, your fellow travelers and the world around you” ~Marlee F.

water in forestKnow that we work very hard to effectively manage outdoor program risks and run profoundly safe programs. For your safety, we will select the solitude site on your behalf, and maintain scheduled non-visual communication with you during your solitude time. You can expect to be within close distance of no more than three miles from our base camp throughout your solitude experience. We are also completely committed to making this program accessible to people of all physical abilities and backgrounds.

Your Tuition Investment Includes:

  • Extensive leadership instruction
  • Park entry and all permit fees
  • Tents and groups camping equipment
  • Organic, vegan, super-healthy meals
  • A profoundly life-changing experience

“Without a doubt, the absolute best aspect of the course was the quality of the facilitators and instructors. Regenerative Leadership Institute is to be commended for assembling such a stellar group of teachers. They all shared equally of their experience and passion, and I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from them.” ~Sonya S.

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