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Aquaponics Course

    Want to combine raising fish and growing plants into a super-efficient cultivation system? Discover how aquaponics systems work, and how they can create

    Building a Green Property Course

      Do you want to build your own home and make it as green and sustainable as possible? Learn how to position your home on your property to work with nature

      Chickens Course

        Considering Keeping Chickens But Not Sure How To Start? This Course Will Show You How Learn the many reasons why chickens make a great and easy

        Companion, Guild and Succession Planting Course

          Discover how making connections between plants can create productive ecosystems Learn the principles behind companion, guild, and succession planting

          Compost Course

            Do you want to learn how to create your own organic compost one of the most powerful materials in permaculture? Explore the different types of material

            Graywater Course

              Discover how to divert, store and use graywater from your home on your garden safely and effectively Explore the options for reusing water

              Greener Home Course

                Make your home eco-friendly, non-toxic, energy efficient and less wasteful with this online course! Learn how making simple changes in your home can

                Maximum Gardening Course

                  Want to follow the journey that a plant takes from seed to harvest? Okay, let s go! Discover how seeds germinate, and the ways that you can provide the

                  Mindfulness and Meditation Course

                    Calm your mind and gain a deeper understanding of yourself with the power of mindfulness and meditation. Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your

                    Mulch Course

                      Learn how to make mulch a key part of your permaculture design to improve soil and maximize yield Explore the options when it comes to choosing

                      Permaculture Basics Course

                        The ultimate introduction to permaculture and sustainable living!Have you always wanted to try permaculture, organic gardening, going green, and

                        Permaculture Mastery

                          Transform your home into a beautiful, sustainable & healthy oasis that provides you abundant organic food & clean water.Redesign your property, learn to

                          Prolonging the Harvest Course

                            Food preservation methods to make the most of your crops and minimize waste Learn how to preserve food with a variety of techniques from freezing

                            Rainwater Course

                              Learn all the ways to slow, sink, spread, and store water on your permaculture property Discover many types of rainwater harvesting system, including

                              Soil and Garden Beds Course

                                Want to know how you can improve your soil and learn to build garden beds? Discover how soil is made, what it is made from, and how you can improve the soil

                                Suburban ecoHomestead Design Course

                                  Creatively transforms your suburban property into a thriving abundant sustainable eco-homestead This self-paced Suburban Eco-Homestead Sustainable

                                  Suburban Permaculture Course

                                    Learn how you can permaculture a suburban or urban property Discover planting techniques for a variety of locations in towns and cities from window

                                    Water Earthworks Course

                                      Now you can confidently plan, construct and plant your own earthworks to harvest water on your permaculture site From swales and dams to drains and

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                                      Free Sustainable Living Articles

                                      5 Reasons Why GMOs are Terrifyingly Scary

                                        GMOs genetically modified organisms are taking over the world. Food as we commonly think of it is becoming a thing of the past. Big agri-business

                                        5 Reasons to Eat Less Meat

                                          There are many ways in which modern agricultural practices harm the environment. Clearing of native vegetation destroys biodiversity and deprives wildlife

                                          Green Cities Make a Green Earth

                                            Urban culture is open, diverse, full of color, and facilitates the flow of new ideas. The world s population is increasingly concentrated in cities

                                            How to Attract Dragonflies to Your Plot

                                              Dragonflies are one of the most beautiful insects to visit the permaculture plot. The symmetry of their two pairs of wings, the coloration on their

                                              Why Business Ecosystems Can Expand Our Impact

                                                There is incredible power in working together with people from different fields of expertise, united by common values. Expanding the permaculture community

                                                Companion Planting: Working Together Always Wins

                                                  Somehow conventional agriculture decided that planting rows and rows of the same crop stretched out for what seems like miles was the best solution for

                                                  6 Mass Extinctions

                                                    There is a growing school of scientific thought that the Earth is in the middle of the sixth great extinction event in its history. A mass extinction

                                                    12 Things Not to Put in Your Permaculture Compost Pile

                                                      Compost is one of the permaculture gardener s most potent tools. It recycles "waste" from the garden and the home and turns it into a material rich

                                                      6 Reasons Why Good Ventilation is Essential for Greenhouses

                                                        At its most basic level, a greenhouse absorbs sunlight inside the structure, making for warmer growing conditions than those outside. A greenhouse can

                                                        8 Tips to Increase Yield from Your Garden Beds

                                                          Permaculture seeks to maximize the yield from a cultivated plot. Without compromising the health of the plants, the soil or the animal life that is

                                                          6 Steps for Setting Up a Beehive

                                                            Bees are an important component of many ecosystems. Their role in the pollination of plants is essential for the propagation of many species, and in

                                                            4 Ways to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

                                                              A permaculture design seeks to maximize the yield of food that grows in it. By promoting biodiversity, succession planting, stacking systems and

                                                              7 Tips for Creating a Garden to Attract Wildlife

                                                                Permaculture systems work with nature and give value to all parts of it. While producing edible crops is one of the main focuses of any permaculture

                                                                A 9-Step Easy Sheet Permaculture Mulching Technique

                                                                  Mulch is marvelous. It performs a variety of functions that help save the permaculture gardener time and effort, while providing the soil and plants with

                                                                  Synthesizing Sustainable Communities Through Appropriate Technology

                                                                    What if technology could be built for the very purpose of serving people and planet, as opposed to profit and the image of modernity? These days we ve

                                                                    Make Renewable Energy a Reality

                                                                      Sometimes it seems like clean, renewable, people-friendly energy is a distant dream for a surreal world. But it doesn t have to be that way. We ve

                                                                      Permaculture, Poop and Farts

                                                                        Permaculture allows nature to do its thing. The gardens are lush and beautiful. While the birds chirp high in the trees, soft aromas mix in the air as

                                                                        8 Problems with Palm Oil Production

                                                                          One of the reasons some people turn to permaculture is a great concern with the impact that modern commercial agricultural practices are having on

                                                                          Here are some hot discussions in our forums...

                                                                          Rehabilitating toxic / arsenic laden soils

                                                                            I may be able to access an old apple orchard of about 8 acres soon. But I hear that apple orchards used to spray lot of pesticides which may make the soil toxic with arsenic. The land has not ...

                                                                            Does harvesting rainwater keep water away from rivers?

                                                                              I’ve been trying to find scientific evidence to support the idea of keeping resources on your property. What about the guy downstream? What if he wants to build a food forest but you are keeping the water from running ...

                                                                              creating a pond

                                                                                We created space for a pond on a hillside aprx 18 feet x 12 and aprx 5 feet deep. Because there is hardly any top soil and it is very rocky (marl too), it could not retain ...

                                                                                Hello from Connecticut


                                                                                  Thank you for putting together this online course for permaculture enthusiasts to take.It lowers the barrier for many people, which cost prohibitive, was not available to many interested people previously. Hopefully eventually, the cost ...

                                                                                  Water to store solar electricity

                                                                                    Has anyone got practical experience in pumping water up hill using abundent solar energy and running it back down through a small turbine at night?
                                                                                    Thanks heaps

                                                                                    Passive solar building

                                                                                      It’s 104 degrees F (41 C) in our town today. I am so grateful that our house runs north/south. I can’t stress enough how vital this is. We are in the southern hemisphere and the living area at the ...

                                                                                      copper sulfate spray for fruit trees (bordeaux mix/ bouillie bordelaise)


                                                                                        Here in France we are *constantly* told to spray with copper sulfate: our old fruit trees, our new ones. . grave vines, strawberries, tomato. . . every few weeks in some cases.

                                                                                        This stuff is an antifungal ...


                                                                                          I am Yaw. I’m excited to be studying permaculture here because I have 40 acres in Ghana that I plan to use within the next 6 months to built super adobe structures and start a food forest.

                                                                                          I feel ...

                                                                                          Nitrogen fixing plants for cold climates

                                                                                            Hi guys

                                                                                            I’m trying to plan a food forest for my local community garden and I’m having trouble selecting nitrogen fixing nurse trees that will grow in my area. Advanced casuarinas will work but even most acacias get killed off ...

                                                                                            backyard is rock

                                                                                              the land my house is on used to be a site for an oil rig and after they pulled it out and decided to build properties on it they put a ton of rock down. Even if I were ...

                                                                                              Sheet mulching/cardboard ink

                                                                                                Cardboard is meant to be really good in sheet mulching. I’m just about to do some of it in my backyard but I’m concerned about the ink in the text written on the cardboard(heavy metals/general chemicals). Does anyone knows ...

                                                                                                what bill mollison videos jay is showing in lecture #21?

                                                                                                  I’ve googled and searched youtube…LOTS of options come up, but I’d really like to follow along with whatever Jay is talking about in lecture #21. Thank You to anyone who can help! Cheers All! 🙂

                                                                                                  Here is what our students have to say…

                                                                                                  Vykke Bradford

                                                                                                  Too early to tell, first thing I’ve read. Good descriptions of various building techniques


                                                                                                  Bill Fleming

                                                                                                  They provide help in growing things using natural materials.


                                                                                                  Bill Fleming

                                                                                                  They are a source for foundational information.


                                                                                                  Joy Cornish

                                                                                                  Great information for sustainable living, gardening, permaculture, etc.



                                                                                                  Brief, but very accurate, informative article about composting human waste! Good intro for someone considering a composting toilet.


                                                                                                  Kathy Custren

                                                                                                  I specifically looked to receive the information on the rainwater tanks, and found the download very informative. People who plan to capture water for gardening use would benefit from knowing these options so they can choose the best one. Good to know the materials and more about their usefulness…thank you!



                                                                                                  To place their asparagus in a jar with 1 inch of water, and covering them with a plastic bag.



                                                                                                  Your are very complete in your coverage of permaculture and the completeness comes in easily digestible steps.



                                                                                                  Very god articles with instructions that are easy to follow


                                                                                                  Dorothy-Jean Chapman

                                                                                                  Based on just one download, asparagus, I would say the info presented is simple enough for a beginning sustainable practitioner to follow.



                                                                                                  Up to date informative – helpful



                                                                                                  This is an awesome site with lots of helpful easy to understand information to help make changes in gardening & living better to improve our environment. I’m so glad to have come across this site.



                                                                                                  Short and to the point. Easy to follow.


                                                                                                  MVITA D MBAMBI

                                                                                                  Make sure you live a sustainable life.


                                                                                                  Evangeline Caridas

                                                                                                  Your materials continue to amaze me!



                                                                                                  Great resource for living a more sustainable lifestyle


                                                                                                  Paula Watson

                                                                                                  Lots of very interesting information



                                                                                                  All you need to know how to do homesteading with sucess.


                                                                                                  Debra Morgan

                                                                                                  This site is a treasure trove of information.


                                                                                                  Violaine Giovanelli

                                                                                                  Enjoy thos website, you can learn a lot about permaculture…


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