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Aquaponics Course

    Want to combine raising fish and growing plants into a super-efficient cultivation system? Discover how aquaponics systems work, and how they can create

    Building a Green Property Course

      Do you want to build your own home and make it as green and sustainable as possible? Learn how to position your home on your property to work with nature

      Chickens Course

        Considering Keeping Chickens But Not Sure How To Start? This Course Will Show You How Learn the many reasons why chickens make a great and easy

        Communication Course

          Communicate to collaborate learn how to make positivity and mindfulness the guiding principles of your conversations Discover how to interact with others

          Companion, Guild and Succession Planting Course

            Discover how making connections between plants can create productive ecosystems Learn the principles behind companion, guild, and succession planting

            Compost Course

              Do you want to learn how to create your own organic compost one of the most powerful materials in permaculture? Explore the different types of material

              Graywater Course

                Discover how to divert, store and use graywater from your home on your garden safely and effectively Explore the options for reusing water

                Greener Home Course

                  Make your home eco-friendly, non-toxic, energy efficient and less wasteful with this online course! Learn how making simple changes in your home can

                  Maximum Gardening Course

                    Want to follow the journey that a plant takes from seed to harvest? Okay, let s go! Discover how seeds germinate, and the ways that you can provide the

                    Mediation Course

                      Learn how to move from conflict to collaboration advanced communication techniques to consistently create positive connectionMake mindfulness your

                      Mindfulness and Meditation Course

                        Calm your mind and gain a deeper understanding of yourself with the power of mindfulness and meditation. Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your

                        Mulch Course

                          Learn how to make mulch a key part of your permaculture design to improve soil and maximize yield Explore the options when it comes to choosing

                          Nutrition Course

                            Eat, feel, and live better. Learn how food affects your body, how to eat plants and feel greatGain an understanding of what effect different types of food

                            Permaculture Basics Course

                              The ultimate introduction to permaculture and sustainable living!Have you always wanted to try permaculture, organic gardening, going green, and

                              Permaculture Mastery

                                Transform your home into a beautiful, sustainable & healthy oasis that provides you abundant organic food & clean water.Redesign your property, learn to

                                Prolonging the Harvest Course

                                  Food preservation methods to make the most of your crops and minimize waste Learn how to preserve food with a variety of techniques from freezing

                                  Rainwater Course

                                    Learn all the ways to slow, sink, spread, and store water on your permaculture property Discover many types of rainwater harvesting system, including

                                    Soil and Garden Beds Course

                                      Want to know how you can improve your soil and learn to build garden beds? Discover how soil is made, what it is made from, and how you can improve the soil

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                                      Free Sustainable Living Articles

                                      8 Things to Consider When Siting a New Property

                                        For many people, applying the principles of permaculture to their property involves redesigning the land to include productive vegetative ecosystems

                                        6 Benefits of Guild Planting

                                          Anyone who has had even a little exposure to the ideas and techniques within permaculture is likely to have heard the phrase guild planting . Also

                                          8 Benefits of Trees in Urban Areas

                                            As population growth and the concentration of work in urban areas put more pressure on those areas to provide housing, infrastructure, entertainment

                                            Green Cities Make a Green Earth

                                              Urban culture is open, diverse, full of color, and facilitates the flow of new ideas. The world s population is increasingly concentrated in cities

                                              How to Protect Your Garden from Drought

                                                Ninety-eight percent of all climate scientists agree that global warming predominantly caused by human activity, from the burning of fossil fuels to

                                                How to Grow Strawberries

                                                  There are many reasons to make strawberries a part of the design for your permaculture plot. Not only do they taste great even when eaten straight

                                                  How to Prepare Your Plot for Winter

                                                    With some honorable exceptions most fruit and vegetable plants die off or enter a period of dormancy over the winter months. Having woken up in spring

                                                    5 Ways of Propagating Plants

                                                      Propagating plants means creating new plants from existing specimens, and is an important part of permaculture. It means that you can have a

                                                      5 Factors That Affect Microclimates

                                                        Across a permaculture site, there are few things that are uniform. With biodiversity and the maximization of edge key principles in permaculture gardening

                                                        10 Easy Steps to Your Own Worm Farm

                                                          Worms are definitely on the side of the permaculturist when it comes to benefit to the garden. They are one of the most effective methods of conditioning

                                                          How to Attract Bats to Garden

                                                            Apart from the obvious exception of owls, most bird species are active during the day. But many insect species are nocturnal, and pests can damage crops

                                                            Transforming the Planet’s Waste Stream Into a Resource Stream

                                                              Re-Imagining Garbage The problem isn t trash itself. It s our concept of what belongs in the trashcan, and our concept of throwing it away. There

                                                              Empowered By Nature: The 12 Permaculture Principles: Part 2

                                                                Embracing nature s cycles of evolutionary feedback allows us to optimize and harmonize our own design systems. In Part 1, we covered the first

                                                                Why Business Ecosystems Can Expand Our Impact

                                                                  There is incredible power in working together with people from different fields of expertise, united by common values. Expanding the permaculture community

                                                                  Fish Species Suitable for Aquaponics System

                                                                    Aquaponics systems are becoming more and more popular as additions to permaculture gardens. In fact, they are becoming increasingly important in the

                                                                    6 Steps for Setting Up a Beehive

                                                                      Bees are an important component of many ecosystems. Their role in the pollination of plants is essential for the propagation of many species, and in

                                                                      5 Reasons for Rewilding

                                                                        Rewilding is an ecological idea that is gradually gaining traction within environmental circles, and it bears significant comparison with some

                                                                        3 Chemical Elements Essential for Plant Growth

                                                                          Plants need several inputs in order to survive and thrive. Water, of course, is essential, as it is for all living things; a medium in which to grow

                                                                          Here are some hot discussions in our forums...

                                                                          Does harvesting rainwater keep water away from rivers?

                                                                            I’ve been trying to find scientific evidence to support the idea of keeping resources on your property. What about the guy downstream? What if he wants to build a food forest but you are keeping the water from running ...


                                                                              I have a few questions on chickens from video two. I have heard some say that nobody has ever really built a chicken greenhouse; that it is just a myth perpetuated by permaculture writers who have never actually done ...

                                                                              Sending you guys some Green Love from South Africa!

                                                                                Hello all you fellow Green lovers! A quick meet and greet from my side: I am a 27 year old female living in SA and my dream is to Open a fully Sustainable Eco-Backpackers in the next 3 years, ...

                                                                                United States of America

                                                                                  See if we can start a thread for USA and all collaborate here. I would like to see introductions from my fellow American citizens. It’s hard though to have a conversation all in separate threads….


                                                                                    hi interested to hear in lecture 52 urban permaculture around 40 minutes in – if everyone was to become organic we would not have enough manure

                                                                                    ok this was a conversation i was have with local distributors and remembering all ...

                                                                                    How to grow potatoes without tilling

                                                                                      I live in southern Sweden but this subject might be general. I have a potatoe land which the farmer tilled for me last year as it had been used as pasture land. But for the future i ...


                                                                                        Hello from Canada,
                                                                                        After general science study, I tried architecture (cause I’ve like to get optimal design for many years) but the focus was on the appearance and my interest was on utility and landscape design. Therefore, I tried ...

                                                                                        anyone finished their design?

                                                                                          and can share with mewhat they answered in the written part of it ?

                                                                                          Sheet mulching/cardboard ink

                                                                                            Cardboard is meant to be really good in sheet mulching. I’m just about to do some of it in my backyard but I’m concerned about the ink in the text written on the cardboard(heavy metals/general chemicals). Does anyone knows ...

                                                                                            More books and resources

                                                                                              The Booklist Thread seems to have given up taking any more messages.

                                                                                              So >>>>>>>>>

                                                                                              Sleeping Naked is Green


                                                                                              A Gift for My Daughter by Harry Browne


                                                                                              Marshall Rosenberg

                                                                                              Rudolf Steiner

                                                                                              Fukuoka and India ...

                                                                                              Question regarding conventional farmland around my property

                                                                                                I have finished the first five lectures in the first section of the course.
                                                                                                In listening to solving problems with invasive species, imported species etc and also how conventional farming and tilling has depleted soils i have a ...

                                                                                                Hi from Montreal QC

                                                                                                  I’m working on an urban planning degree through that I really got turned on to permaculture and the benefits that it can have for the environment. I thought I was going to have to wait a while to ...

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