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Aquaponics Course

    Want to combine raising fish and growing plants into a super-efficient cultivation system? Discover how aquaponics systems work, and how they can create

    Building a Green Property Course

      Do you want to build your own home and make it as green and sustainable as possible? Learn how to position your home on your property to work with nature

      Chickens Course

        Considering Keeping Chickens But Not Sure How To Start? This Course Will Show You How Learn the many reasons why chickens make a great and easy

        Communication Course

          Communicate to collaborate learn how to make positivity and mindfulness the guiding principles of your conversations Discover how to interact with others

          Companion, Guild and Succession Planting Course

            Discover how making connections between plants can create productive ecosystems Learn the principles behind companion, guild, and succession planting

            Compost Course

              Do you want to learn how to create your own organic compost one of the most powerful materials in permaculture? Explore the different types of material

              Graywater Course

                Discover how to divert, store and use graywater from your home on your garden safely and effectively Explore the options for reusing water

                Greener Home Course

                  Make your home eco-friendly, non-toxic, energy efficient and less wasteful with this online course! Learn how making simple changes in your home can

                  Maximum Gardening Course

                    Want to follow the journey that a plant takes from seed to harvest? Okay, let s go! Discover how seeds germinate, and the ways that you can provide the

                    Mediation Course

                      Learn how to move from conflict to collaboration advanced communication techniques to consistently create positive connectionMake mindfulness your

                      Mindfulness and Meditation Course

                        Calm your mind and gain a deeper understanding of yourself with the power of mindfulness and meditation. Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your

                        Mulch Course

                          Learn how to make mulch a key part of your permaculture design to improve soil and maximize yield Explore the options when it comes to choosing

                          Nutrition Course

                            Eat, feel, and live better. Learn how food affects your body, how to eat plants and feel greatGain an understanding of what effect different types of food

                            Permaculture Basics Course

                              The ultimate introduction to permaculture and sustainable living!Have you always wanted to try permaculture, organic gardening, going green, and

                              Permaculture Mastery

                                Transform your home into a beautiful, sustainable & healthy oasis that provides you abundant organic food & clean water.Redesign your property

                                Prolonging the Harvest Course

                                  Food preservation methods to make the most of your crops and minimize waste Learn how to preserve food with a variety of techniques from freezing

                                  Rainwater Course

                                    Learn all the ways to slow, sink, spread, and store water on your permaculture property Discover many types of rainwater harvesting system, including

                                    Soil and Garden Beds Course

                                      Want to know how you can improve your soil and learn to build garden beds? Discover how soil is made, what it is made from, and how you can improve the soil

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                                      Free Sustainable Living Articles

                                      Composting 101: 6 Steps to a Vibrant Backyard Compost Pile

                                        Garden compost is super simple to create - you just need to follow a few rules to make sure that what comes out of your pile is odor-free, rich, vibrant

                                        12 Beneficial Insects for Your Permaculture Plot

                                          Insects are the most numerous type of animal on the planet. With tens of thousands of different species and billions of individuals alive at any one

                                          7 Advantages of Perennials

                                            Plants come in two main types: annuals and perennials (with the honorable exception of a few plants that last two years, called biennials). Annuals

                                            10 Easy Steps to Your Own Worm Farm

                                              Worms are definitely on the side of the permaculturist when it comes to benefit to the garden. They are one of the most effective methods of conditioning

                                              6 Steps for Building a Swale

                                                As it is central to life on Earth, so water is of crucial importance to the permaculture plot, providing the plants, livestock and wildlife with an

                                                How to Grow Swiss Chard

                                                  Despite its name, Swiss chard is not native to Switzerland it takes its moniker from the fact that it was identified and categorized by a Swiss

                                                  What if Cities Could Feed the World?

                                                    When we think about food and farming, it s easy to imagine a bucolic setting of rural pastures, far removed from the busy hum and thrum of city life

                                                    How to Bring Permaculture Into the Workplace

                                                      While putting permaculture principles into practice at home is a matter of choice for you and your family, applying them to the workplace can be

                                                      Functions of Windbreaks

                                                        Wind is a significant part of any climatic system. It interacts with other weather elements and can impact upon a permaculture site in a variety of

                                                        Fish Species Suitable for Aquaponics System

                                                          Aquaponics systems are becoming more and more popular as additions to permaculture gardens. In fact, they are becoming increasingly important in the

                                                          4 Alternatives to Dairy Milk

                                                            Many permaculturists chose to keep goats, sheep and even cattle, not for the meat yield they provide, but for the milk. This is of course a good way

                                                            Synthesizing Sustainable Communities Through Appropriate Technology

                                                              What if technology could be built for the very purpose of serving people and planet, as opposed to profit and the image of modernity? These days we ve

                                                              Ways to Slow Water Down

                                                                Water is a precious resource. Some estimates put the number of people on Earth who already suffer from a shortage of water at 1 billion, and with

                                                                5 Reasons to Eat Less Meat

                                                                  There are many ways in which modern agricultural practices harm the environment. Clearing of native vegetation destroys biodiversity and deprives wildlife

                                                                  9 Tips to Reduce Your Food Miles

                                                                    Food miles essentially refer to the distance that the food you buy has traveled from the producer so that it is available in the shop in which you are

                                                                    How to Grow Garlic

                                                                      Garlic has been cultivated for thousands of years. It is mentioned in ancient Greek, Indian and Chinese writings, while garlic bulbs were found in the

                                                                      4 Types of Complementary Currencies

                                                                        Complementary currency is a term that is gradually becoming more widely known. Indeed, In July 2014, California passed a law that made

                                                                        6 Ways You Can Help Combat Climate Change

                                                                          Despite the claims of some right-wing politicians and media outlets, climate change is a very real threat to the future survival of humankind on Earth

                                                                          Here is what our students have to say…

                                                                          Aurora Hammonds

                                                                          Permaculture is the best practice for growing food and a garden or a farm, that’s in tune with Nature, and the best way to keep our planet sustainable for our future generations. It’s the only way I would keep my own garden growing.



                                                                          The school sends a lot of new topics to read and learn from



                                                                          Love the information. Very thorough and well written. A great go to in planning.



                                                                          Lots of fun and resourceful gardening information to make things easier and more productive! Love it!!


                                                                          Michelle N Lambert

                                                                          The course I took offered a more rounded approach to permaculture. But, had plenty of practical information to start your own garden. Start small.


                                                                          Johana Tandisalla

                                                                          Practices The Permaculture Principles in your life so you will save your life, save your community and save the world The earth) for the better life and sustainable.



                                                                          Great source of very very important information for the future and the survival of Mankind and our planet Earth



                                                                          To start learning about permaculture ideas that can be incorporated into any sized space they have available.



                                                                          Excellent knowledge provided on what is permaculture and how to apply it.



                                                                          That you really care about giving folks the tools they need to be successful at gardening.


                                                                          Dyanne Wayland

                                                                          learning how to plant a tree will be my way of keeping my son’s memory alive… the tree will signify a man with a good heart, incredibly hard worker, intelligent and loved by his family. RIP Cody U were loved by many and I miss you so much. Mom



                                                                          I would tell them about the many ways we can improve our own part in the big world through permaculture.


                                                                          Eileen Grant Szeto

                                                                          Expand your horizons. Learn everything you possibly can about Permaculture!!!


                                                                          Maria Castaneda

                                                                          The wealth of good content on this important topic.


                                                                          Michele Reynolds

                                                                          Your attention to detail. For instance, you explained that different border materials could affect the plants with the heat they retain.


                                                                          Petra Meyer

                                                                          optimale Möglichkeiten permakulturelle Möglichkeiten in das eigene Leben zu integrieren 🙂


                                                                          carol chauvin

                                                                          read it you can always learn something new and amazing.


                                                                          Tia Douglass

                                                                          Not much experience yet, but what I’ve seen I’ve loved! Hoping to use it with the members of the seed exchange at the Down East Library!



                                                                          Value in working with rather than against environmental factors


                                                                          Carla DeWitt

                                                                          It is the most productive way of incorporating natural processes, (which means help,) in your gardening and living.


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