Learn how to move from conflict to collaboration – advanced communication techniques to consistently create positive connection

Make mindfulness your guiding principle when interacting with others, so that you can reduce conflict and increase the potential of your personal connections. Learn how to respect yourself, and so facilitate respect for others.

Be empathetic and self-aware so you can create situations where everyone involved can be heard, be understood, and be happier.

This course provides you with practical guidance on valuable techniques to take your communication skills to the next level. In situations with the potential for conflict or conversations that broach difficult or negative subjects, having the mental acuity and emotional awareness to work through those situations with positivity is invaluable – for you and those you are communicating with. That’s where this course comes in.

Here are just some of the skills you will gain in this self-paced online course:

  • Understand the three parts of the Self-Connection Process
  • Be present in conversations to ensure alignment with your values
  • Recognize the four elements of empathic understanding
  • Be able to choose the correct response to when someone is upset
  • Appreciate that you can turn negative judgments about someone into positives with self-awareness
  • Learn the three steps of the Enemy Image process
  • Understand the three steps of the “Need Behind the No” process
  • Appreciate the difference between requests and demands
  • Learn the five steps of the Interpersonal Mediation process to help deal with difficult conversations
  • Employ mindfulness and self-awareness during difficult conversations to reach positive aims
  • Be able to recognize and facilitate the “Chooser” and “Educator” parts of yourself
  • Work through self-criticism to reach a place of self-respect
  • Put yourself in the position of both the “Receiver” and the “Actor” in situations involving emotional hurt
  • Learn the four steps in the Healing & Reconciliation process

Building on skills contained in our ‘Effective Communication’ course, this advanced module guides you through techniques for improving your mediation abilities, so that you can approach conversations with a positive outlook and the understanding to create constructive outcomes from potentially difficult situations.

It gives you a number of mindfulness strategies that allow you to reconnect with your values even in stressful or conflicting communications.

By utilizing these techniques you will be able to be fully present in your interactions, be more understanding of what other parties are trying to say, what they may be feeling, and what – even if it is unsaid – they may be asking of you.

Presented by John Kinyon, the co-founder of the renowned Mediate Your Life Process, the series of video presentations that make up this course take you through some of the most important tools you can harness for resolving conflict and moving towards positive resolution.

Some of these techniques include:

  • The Self-Connection process
  • The Enemy Image process
  • The "Need Behind the No" process
  • The Interpersonal Mediation process
  • The Healing & Reconciliation process

Each of these techniques is illustrated with common communication scenarios, as well as an expository video detailing important elements to acknowledge and advice on changing your approach in such situations to ensure more positive outcomes.

So, for instance, in the Self-Connection process, you will learn how to perform cognitive exercises that allow you to better appreciate the signals and emotions that your interlocutor is conveying, as well as to take a moment to reconnect with your own values, aims and ethics within a conversation to move it from one of intransigence to one of progress. In the Healing and Reconciliation process, you will discover four steps that enable you to engage with others who may be experiencing emotional hurt in a way that promotes understanding, empathy and restorative action; while in the Interpersonal Mediation section you will learn five steps that give you a framework with which to navigate difficult conversations, involving strategies such as empathizing, self-expression and making solution requests; while in.

Indeed, recognizing the emotional content of language is another key part of this course, and you will learn how demands differ from requests and how the deployment of each can have widely different outcomes.

The other side of productive communication and mediation is the ability to be an engaged and responsive listener. This course gives you guidance on achieving that goal. You will learn about listening with empathy and recognizing how the language you use in situation where your interlocutor is distressed can help or hinder the situation.

We also communicate with ourselves, and this course contains essential information on self-talk and how to use it constructively – even if you feel you may have made a mistake in a previous conversation or said the wrong thing. This course empowers you to be your own educator when it comes from learning from your communication experiences.

All this is knowledge is at your fingertips – and by working through this course you will become a better listener as well as a better communicator.

Build your self-sufficiency skills with a self-paced online learning experience:

We’ve focused on not just what you learn on this course, but how you learn it. We recognize that people like to learn in different ways, or appreciate being able to study information in a number of ways to help make information more tangible. That’s why this package incorporates a number of methods that you can use to work your way through the course. When you invest in this course, you’ll receive for one full year:

  • Access to a video animation
  • Summaries to guide you through the sections
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge

As you make your way through the course, all the exercises come into focus and you’ll gain a complete understanding of how they all fit together to make a difference in your interrelationships with others.

The theme of being mindful in your interactions with others runs throughout this course, and will provide the concept that illuminates all the others.

And once you’ve completed the course successfully, you’ll receive a certificate to commemorate your achievement.

We believe that the skills you will learn in this course are essential for everyone to experience a more positive and engaged relationship with others.

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