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Calm your mind and gain a deeper understanding of yourself with the power of mindfulness and meditation.

Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life. Discover the benefits that mindfulness can have for your mental and physical well being. Explore the varieties of meditation practice that have developed over the centuries. Begin meditating today.

This course provides you with a range of knowledge and insight into the history and development of these two practices. It also gives you step-by-step guidance on how you can get started performing mindfulness and meditation today.

Here are just some of the skills you will gain in this self-paced online course:

  • Know what the general aim and purpose of mindfulness is for the individual
  • Appreciate how observation forms a key tenet of mindfulness practice
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  • Follow suitable procedures for freezing different kinds of produce
  • Be aware of the seven different aspects that are said to constitute mindfulness
  • Learn how the aspects of mindfulness interact and build upon one another
  • Be able to perform a simple mindfulness practice
  • Understand that mindfulness is not a quick fix but can have incredible benefits over the long term
  • Appreciate that mindfulness can be applied to almost any activity
  • Be able pay attention to an activity you may previously have done by habit or unconsciously
  • Understand how mindfulness can lead to deeper concentration and even exaltation
  • Know of the Buddhist concept of Jhana
  • Be able to assume a suitable posture for practicing meditation
  • Begin meditating today for a few minutes at a time
  • Be cognizant of the three major traditions that inform common meditation practices today
  • Appreciate the different elements that meditation can use to center and calm the practitioner
  • Recognize that other traditions besides those most commonly associated with mediation do contain elements of the practice
  • Be aware of where some more modern forms of meditation came from
  • Know what each of the seven stages of enlightenment refers to
  • Be able to place your experience of meditation somewhere along the path towards enlightenment

The course begins by looking at mindfulness. We’ll start by defining the central characteristics of the practice, and how observing is at the heart of it – although not necessarily through your eyes.

We also look at the benefits of incorporating mindfulness into your life – from improving your physical condition, treating mental health issues, and increasing the sense of wellbeing in your life.

In most traditional forms of mindfulness, there are several aspects that comprise the practice, and the course moves on to explore them. You’ll see how the different aspects interact with one another to create the mindfulness experience, and how they can help you orientate yourself as you develop your mindfulness practice.

This exploration of the background of mindfulness is the perfect preparation for getting started with it yourself. Next you will be giving detailed instructions to perform a standard mindfulness session. You’ll learn how to sit, how to focus your attention, and how to observe your emotions and thoughts. Following on, we then look at how mindfulness can be incorporated into your everyday life – in everything from digging your garden beds to taking a shower.

The course next moves on to meditation, and straightaway you will be given a compressive guide to starting with meditation today. From posture to breathing, you will learn how to enter a meditative state and start exploring the calmness and understanding it can provide you. We also look at how – as you continue to meditate – your experience can change and be used to approach certain phenomena.

This course also introduces you to several of the traditional forms of meditation that you can practice.

These stem from three separate philosophies:

  • Buddhist
  • Hindu
  • Chinese

For each of them, you will learn about some of the varieties that have developed from the philosophy’s roots, and the key elements it takes to practice each kind, and the purposes to which they are orientated.

The varieties explored include:

  • Zen
  • Vipassana
  • Yogic
  • Mantra
  • Qigong

While meditation has various historical strands, there are also a number of forms that have been conceived of in more recent times, and the course also looks at some of these. You’ll also see how certain practices in other religions could be considered to be meditative, even if they are not named as such.

Build your self-sufficiency skills with a self-paced online learning experience:

We’ve focused on not just what you learn on this course, but how you learn it. We recognize that people like to learn in different ways, or appreciate being able to study information in a number of ways to help make information more tangible. That’s why this package incorporates a number of methods that you can use to work your way through the course. When you invest in this course, you’ll receive for one full year:

  • An eBook of the course
  • Access to a video animation
  • An audio-only recording of the course
  • Summaries to guide you through the sections
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge

You can use one, some or all of these resources to discover the information contained in this course. Perhaps you find reading the eBook over breakfast or last thing at night works for you. Maybe having the audio stream playing in the car is an ideal way for you to absorb knowledge. With the flexibility this learning experience offers, the choice is yours.

And once you’ve completed the course successfully, you’ll receive a certificate to celebrate your achievement.

We believe that the knowledge and skills contained in this course can have a positive impact on anyone’s life – that’s why we want as many people as possible to have access to it.

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  • Discover the traditions and philosophies behind mindfulness and meditation
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  • Be able to perform mindfulness practices to improve mental and physical health
    You’ll get practical guidance on incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life. The eBook will outline simple exercises you can do to get started with mindfulness, and describe techniques that will improve your abilities over the long term.
  • Start meditating today
    The eBook provides you with a step-by-step guide to help you begin meditating. It outlines the major types of meditations, and gives you instruction on how to get the most from each one. You will also learn how to take your meditation practice to the next level, and move along the seven stages to enlightenment.

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