Eat, feel, and live better. Learn how food affects your body, how to eat plants and feel great

Gain an understanding of what effect different types of food have on your body, and how changes in your diet can have a huge influence on your weight, energy levels and well being.

Discover key diet changes that will transform your health, and easy ways to make exercise an integrated part of your day.

Our course is designed to give you a comprehensive grounding in essential nutritional information–but also give you practical steps that you can take to improve your eating habits and, in turn, your health.

Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, sleep better or simply feel more engaged with life, a healthy diet is going to go a long way to achieving your goal.

Here are just some of the skills you will gain in this self-paced online course:

  • Know how to set an achievable goal – and how to stay on track with it
  • Understand the importance of hydration to a healthy body
  • Appreciate the effect heavily processed food has on your body
  • Be able to easily increase your daily exercise
  • Recognize the nutritional benefits of a range of fruits and vegetables
  • Eat mindfully to truly savor your food
  • Understand the differences between meat-based and plant-based protein
  • Use visualization to stay focused on your goals
  • Appreciate the different types of dietary fats, and how to get the right balance of them
  • Learn some easy steps to take in order to stay on track when dining out
  • Understand what whole foods mean – and why they are essential to a healthy lifestyle
  • Know how strength training improves your body – and some easy ways to get started with it
  • Recognize the nutritional benefits of raw and organic food
  • Replace sugar-laden snacks with healthier options
  • Learn about the nutrients that affect brain function – and which foods contain them
  • Plan meals to help you reach your goals

A healthy diet – combined with regular exercise – is also the key to a longer, more active life, with less risk of developing disease and illness. After all, they say that you are what you eat – so eating well meanings feeling well. But it can be difficult to know where to start when you want to change how you eat.

That’s where this course comes in. Over eight weeks you’ll be given all the tools and information you need to transform your eating patterns for the better. Easy to follow guidelines combined with insight into the science behind eating will give you the power to start changing your life. We'll guide you through the simple changes to your diet that can make all the difference to your health and wellbeing. First, we'll introduce you to four guiding principles that will underpin your new healthy eating plan. They are:

  • Strategize for success
  • Hydrate yourself
  • Leave sugary beverages behind
  • Keep track of your eating

A healthy diet – combined with regular exercise – is also the key to a longer, more active life, with less risk of developing disease and illness.

A healthy diet – combined with regular exercise – is also the key to a longer, more active life, with less risk of developing disease and illness. After all, they say that you are what you eat – so eating well meanings feeling well. But it can be difficult to know where to start when you want to change how you eat.

The first principle shows you how to set achievable, realistic goals that fit with your aims and adhere to a reasonable timescale in order to reach them. Hydrate yourself puts the importance of water front and center. Given that water is the means by your body transports all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to all its constituent parts, getting plenty of it into your system is one of the first changes to make when you want to eat more healthily. You'll learn effective, tasty ways to up your water intake.

The idea of hydrating with water links to the third principle – cutting back on sugary drinks. These are now so commonplace in our society that we often don't realize just how much of them we are consuming. This course will delve into our drinking habits and show that the alternatives are that much better for you–giving you a variety of healthier options for when you might normally reach for a soda.

And the fourth principle ties the whole project together, giving you a means of tracking your progress and staying on course with reaching your goals. You'll discover the benefits of keeping a food diary, but also how being honest and accountable to yourself will make changing your life a lot easier, and make sticking to your plan seem so much more feasible – and enjoyable.

With these four principles as the basis of the program, as you work through the course you’ll also learn valuable techniques to change your dietary ways, such a show you can work to replace your bad eating habits with good ones, and understanding how bad eating habits can reflect emotional and distracted behaviors – and how to change those underlying causes.

But this course isn't just a 'how to' guide. Knowledge is everything, and to maintain a long-term healthy approach to food, you need to know what different types of sustenance do for – and to – your body. The course will give you information on how things like fats, carbohydrates and sugars affect how your body functions. It will also provide you with information about why organic and whole foods are so good for you.

For comparison, we'll also explore some of the features of what has become the Standard American Diet – or SAD, for short. You'll learn how processing and preservation techniques that are commonplace across many of the foods we find on supermarket shelves affect the nutritional content of food – and in turn, what that means for our bodies when we consume it.

Perhaps most importantly, this course also shows you why you need to have balance. Quick fixes and all-or-nothing approaches to changing your lifestyle rarely lead to long-term changes in dietary habits. Getting a good range of nutrients in your meals, and starting small with changes before scaling up – that's the way to sustained health and happiness. You'll also gain some valuable advice on visualization techniques that can help increase your willpower, help you stay focused on your goals, and boost your positivity.

Furthermore, the course also looks at making changes in the amount of exercise you take – another key factor in your future well-being. You'll learn some workout regimes that can be adjusted for your fitness level, and some hints and tips on incorporating exercise into your normal daily routine.

Build your self-sufficiency skills with a self-paced online learning experience:

We’ve focused on not just what you learn on this course, but how you learn it. We recognize that people like to learn in different ways, or appreciate being able to study information in a number of ways to help make information more tangible. That’s why this package incorporates a number of methods that you can use to work your way through the course. When you invest in this course, you’ll receive for one full year:

  • An eBook of the course
  • Access to a video animation
  • An audio-only recording of the course
  • Summaries to guide you through the sections
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge

As you progress through the course, you'll see how all parts of your diet play a role in your well being. You'll also appreciate how all the parts of the program we've put together combine to make your eating habits healthier and your body perform better.

Once you've completed the course successfully, you'll receive a certificate to commemorate your achievement.

And you'll have all the knowledge and motivation you need to continue with a healthier way of life.

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." – Virginia Woolf

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  • Take four simple steps to transform your diet
    You'll get practical guidance on four key changes you can make that will radically alter how you consumer food. They put mindfulness at the heart of eating, and offer simple techniques for changing behaviors for more positive outcomes. From keeping a food diary to swapping bad habits for good ones, this book empowers you to change.
  • Make exercise an integral – and effective – part of every day
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