Permaculture Basics Course –

The ultimate introduction to permaculture and sustainable living!

Have you always wanted to try permaculture, organic gardening, going green, and sustainable living but dont know where to start?

Would you like to make your garden, your home, and even your life, greener, and more focused on sustainability?

How about transforming your property so that it provides you with delicious food, fresh water, incredible interactions with nature, and a ton of pleasure?

And what about discovering how nature works – in the soil, in the air, in plants and in animals – so that you can appreciate its diversity, and apply its most effective aspects to your own garden?

Well, we've got you covered.

The Permaculture Basics course gives you the perfect introduction to all aspects of permaculture, green living and organic gardening.

It also offers you simple strategies to bring permaculture principles to bear on your relationships, your diet and your communication skills, so that you can be more productive and positive in all areas of your life.

Here are just some of the skills you will gain in this self-paced online course:

  • Make your own organic compost and use it to boost your crops
  • Transform your diet to be healthier, fitter and full of energy
  • Reuse water from your home in your garden – saving water and money on your bills
  • Learn strategies to reduce conflict and foster positive outcomes in conversation
  • Minimize water waste in your home and garden
  • Discover the many benefits of trees to your garden – and the planet
  • Be able to apply permaculture to any environment
  • Transform towns and cities with green living strategies
  • Find out how nature uses pattern to preserve energy
  • Build many different kinds of garden beds
  • Know about the life processes that make for a healthy soil
  • Plant crops for maximum yield
  • Incorporate animals into your garden ecosystem
  • Be able to approach any interaction with others in a positive mindset

The course offers a complete understanding of the fundamentals of permaculture and green living.

It gives you the basics you need to start transforming your life today – making it more sustainable, more positive – and more fun!

The course covers a whole range of permaculture principles, practices, and applications. It's divided into different sections for easy navigation, and so you can see how it all fits together.

These sections are:

  • Introduction to permaculture
    Gain a basic understanding of what permaculture is, and develop a good grounding in the ethical principles that inform permaculture.
  • Permaculture design and nature
    Understand how permaculture views humans’ relationship to nature. Then discover the five guiding design principles used in permaculture.
  • Practical permaculture strategies
    Learn the eight methods used in permaculture design, and appreciate how such design seeks to create harmonious assemblies of elements.
  • Pattern
    Be aware of how pattern affects how energy flows, and understand how patterns can interact – and how important boundaries between patterns are in permaculture design.
  • Climate
    Discover the primary climatic considerations that will influence your permaculture design, and understand how the latitude of your site, as well as its topographical features can impact upon climate conditions.
  • Trees
    Appreciate the central role that trees play to life on Earth, and learn about the ways trees influence climate conditions on your site.
  • Fresh water
    Consider how precious a resource fresh water is, and gain an understanding of the types of intervention we can make to influence the amount of water on your site.
  • Soil
    Uncover the components and characteristics of soil structure, and comprehend how soils interact with water, gases, chemicals, and animals.
  • Water efficiency
    Discover the variety of reasons why humans use earthworks, and the benefits they can bring to a site. Also learn about the range of earthworks, their characteristics and their advantages
  • Tropical permaculture
    Master techniques to improve the soil in humid tropical areas, and earth-shaping methods to enhance cultivation. After studying this section, you will also know how to make dwellings in such areas comfortable for the inhabitants.
  • Desert permaculture
    Discover how to harvest and utilize water most efficiently in desert and dry environments, and learn planting and cultivation techniques to create a diverse desert garden.
  • Cool permaculture
    Know the specific characteristics of cool humid and cold climates, and discover how different elements, such as soil and water, function in these climatic conditions.
  • Aquaculture
    Appreciate the reasons why aquaculture can be a viable part of permaculture design, and learn how to analyze how various design factors – from water quality and flow to the shape of a pond – will influence yield from an aquaculture system.
  • Social permaculture
    Understand how permaculture principles can be applied to human societies and communities, and discover alternative ways of organizing communities to bring benefits to all.
  • Rainwater harvesting
    Consider how rainwater harvesting can help groundwater supplies, soil, plants, animals and humans, and gain an understanding of the many ways rainwater can be harvested.
  • Greywater
    Discover some of the potential uses for graywater on a permaculture plot, and realize how small changes in behavior can make a big saving in water use.
  • Compost
    Learn about the benefits compost gives to soil, and the plants growing in it. In this section you’ll also find out which materials are suitable additions to a compost pile.
  • Mulch
    Uncover the range of benefits organic mulch can provide, and appreciate the characteristics of different types of organic mulch.
  • Garden beds
    Discover how good soil helps plants and animals survive and thrive, and be able to differentiate between types of garden bed and understand their roles.
  • Planting strategies
    Understand how companion planting helps plants flourish – and give you more yield – and be able to design companion, guild and succession planting plans for your own site.
  • Urban permaculture
    Learn how to grow a wide variety of plants in window boxes, on high-rise balconies, and in courtyards, and also appreciate the numerous benefits community gardens can bring to a neighborhood.
  • Water earthworks
    Analyze the suitability of earthworks for your site, and learn about all the benefits a pond can bring to a permaculture site.
  • A greener home
    Understand how even small changes in your home fit with the permaculture principle ‘Care of the Earth’, and be able to put it into practice, using a variety of household appliances more efficiently to save energy and money.
  • Nutrition
    Become more mindful of what you put into your body, and recognize the importance of hydration to good health.
  • Effective communication
    Know the basic principles behind open, honest communication, and learn all about finding and meeting our common needs through mutual respect and exchange.
  • Mediation
    Be present in conversations to ensure alignment with your values, and work through self-criticism to reach a place of self-respect.

Build your self-sufficiency skills with a self-paced online learning experience:

We’ve focused on not just what you learn on this course, but how you learn it. We recognize that people like to learn in different ways, or appreciate being able to study information in a number of ways to help make information more tangible. That’s why this package incorporates a number of methods that you can use to work your way through the course. When you invest in this course, you’ll receive for one full year:

  • An eBook of the course
  • Access to a video animation
  • An audio-only recording of the course
  • Summaries to guide you through the sections
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge

That way you can find a combination of learning methods that works for you – whether its reading the eBook at home in the garden, or streaming the audio while you are driving in your car.

Study each section, by whichever means suits your lifestyle best, then test yourself with the quiz.

Soon your knowledge about permaculture, green living and sustainability will be growing as bountifully as the crops in your garden!

And once you’ve completed the course successfully, you’ll receive a certificate to celebrate your achievement

We believe that everyone can benefit from understanding and applying permaculture and sustainable living practices to their homes, gardens and lives

That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate introduction to the topics.

It’s also why we want to give it to you for the lowest possible price we can.

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  • How to save money and become self-sufficient with a greywater system
    Get simple techniques for saving and recycling rainwater – providing up to 2/3 of the water your household needs
  • The No. 1 key to making your home truly healthy and safe
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  • How to capture and clean water
    You’ll learn about a simple, almost effortless strategy for reducing your household water consumption by 50% or more… without skipping showers or re-wearing clothes! The powerful water recycling techniques you’ll discover can supply 2/3 of your home’s water!
  • Key fundamentals of natural building materials
    Create natural bricks with four easy-to-find ingredients! You’ll also learn about the top renewable building method, which lets you create structures without baking, using bricks, or using formwork or structural molds!
  • Six fascinating secrets of composting
    You’ll get the 6 simple rules for creating optimal compost, and learn how compost can prevent plant disease, filter rainwater, prevent soil erosion, and even provide heat and electricity.

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