Transform your home into a beautiful, sustainable & healthy oasis that provides you abundant organic food & clean water.

Redesign your property, learn to live healthier, more sustainably and create abundance in your life. This program enables you to create a complete permaculture design for your own property, earn your internationally-standard Permaculture Design Certificate and much more.   Just imagine what your home will look like with permaculture!

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You are getting access to online video lecture presentations filmed from two in-person Permaculture Design Courses that guide you through the origins, development and application of permaculture – the holistic design system that works in harmony with nature to create productive and sustainable systems for living.

Presented by Larry Korn, one of the country’s leading authorities on permaculture, and other guest instructors, these videos are based on the key textbook in permaculture: “Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual” by one of the founders of the movement, Bill Mollison. Each lecture comes with transcripts and quizzes to re-enforce your learning each step of the way.

The presentations cover everything from the principles at the heart of permaculture and its origins in ancient methods of cultivation, to the ways it can be used in the modern world – in gardens, homes, farms and towns – in order to grow organic food, protect the wilderness, use energy responsibly, and promote community engagement and cooperation.

You are also getting access to our animated online-only 12 hour Regenerative Ecological Permaculture Design course - keep reading more about that below in the bonuses section.

Here are just some of the skills you will gain in this self-paced online course:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of what permaculture is – and how it can transform garden, communities, and people
  • Grasp some of the reasons why permaculture was devised in the first place – and which still threaten the planet
  • Know the principles and ethics that permaculture is built upon
  • Discover how permaculture aims to provide solutions for people to live harmoniously with nature
  • Understand the role observation plays in informing our design decisions
  • Be able to analyze any site to appreciate the processes that are occurring within it
  • Comprehend the five types of energy resources described by permaculture
  • Recognize strategies to create yield from any site
  • Appreciate the interrelationships between plants, animals and humans
  • Gain an understanding of how patterns work in nature – and how you can use them in your designs
  • Evaluate climate factors – from rainfall and temperature to snow and wind – and recognize how they influence the site.
  • Understand the role observation plays in informing our design decisions
  • Discover how cycles in time and space create niches for life to happen in
  • See how slope, aspect and orientation can affect design decisions
  • Learn three different methods for measuring the slope of the land
  • Develop strategies to maintain a healthy ecosystem over time
  • Recognize some of the more common pattern shapes that are found in nature
  • Find out some practical tips on applying pattern to a permaculture site
  • Know how to construct four different types of earthworks for water storage and flow
  • See how wind functions, and learn five types of windbreak construction to modify it
  • Understand the characteristics of the three main climate zones
  • Appreciate why good soil is important to human health
  • Gain practical know-how in order to preserve, rehabilitate and improve soil conditions
  • Identify and harness sources of renewable power
  • Have knowledge of six types of intervention we can make to influence the amount of water on our site
  • Be able to put practical strategies in place to minimize your impact on the water supply
  • Have the knowledge to catch, store and use rainwater efficiently
  • Understand the different zones of a permaculture site, and how to design for each of them – from forests to window boxes
  • Appreciate the central role that trees play to life on Earth
  • Know how to use trees to raise or lower the temperature on your site
  • Comprehend the four ways trees impact on precipitation levels
  • Evaluate the benefits of developing polycultures
  • Learn how house design affects energy conservation
  • Discover how to reverse the effects of desertification and soil salting
  • Appreciate how different elements, such as soil and water, function in various climatic conditions
  • Read the land so that you can place design elements in their most effective locations
  • Recognize the factors that will influence how houses, buildings and larger settlements are organized
  • Discover natual building techniques
  • See how aquaculture can be an integrated ecosystem, involving plants as well as animals
  • Find out about the advantages and disadvantages of various fish species
  • Learn about various pond configurations and designs that may be suitable for your aquaculture system
  • Understand how permaculture principles can be applied to human societies and communities
  • Discover alternative ways of organizing communities to bring benefits to all
  • Appreciate democratic methods of funding, land access and creating livelihoods
  • Comprehend how the interconnectedness of all human life – as well as our place in nature – should inform how we treat one another
  • Gain maximum productive yield from your property

The second part of the course allows you to put your knowledge into practice. It moves the theory of permaculture into real-life application.

You choose a site that you want to create a permaculture design for. This could be your property or a public space. Previous students have designed everything from a permaculture cemetery to a cooperative grocery store, and of course many, many personal properties and homes. Then, you create a project plan about how you would apply the principles of permaculture “on the ground”.

In close consultation with your dedicated advisor you will record observations and data, trial possibilities for the site, and create a final overall plan that could be used to implement permaculture on the site. You will create a graphical design of the physical site and write a detailed description of the project – its aims, its stakeholders, and its projected benefits.

So you’ll be doing practical design on the site – taking photographs, recording your observations about what is happening on it, and so on – then submitting it to your advisor for consultation and guidance on how to ensure the best outcome.

So you have three steps to completing the Permaculture Design Mastery Program and earning your internationally-standard Permaculture Design Certification:

  • Step 1: Review the video lectures and the animated content alongside reading the eBook to gain an understanding of the theory and practice of permaculture
  • Step 2: Complete the plan for a design project – which is also a great opportunity to start your professional design portfolio. This is also your opportunity to re-design your home and property with permaculture! Just imagine what your home will feel like once you've done it all!
  • Step 3: Pass a multiple-choice exam (with a pass grade of 70 percent). The video lectures and the animated content thoroughly prepares you for the examination, and you can re-take the examination every couple of days with different questions until you pass.

Here is what the course includes:

  • Educational video presentations covering the full range of Permaculture topics
  • A copy of the Permaculture Fundamentals eBook, which explores the 12 key permaculture principles and how they can be applied to a variety of situations
  • An assigned advisor who will be your contact for the design project to help you create the best design and ensure you pass the exam. This is your chance to truly redesign your home and garden with permaculture principles.
  • Access to the course materials for up to 12 months. This means you can take up to a year to complete the course or, if you work more quickly, to be able to refer to the material as you put your learning into action.

On successful completion of the course you’ll receive your internationally recognized certification and be able to call yourself a Permaculture Designer!

You will be able to transform your property into a sustainable, productive system that gives you and your family food and pleasure – and saves you money. Passing this course will give you the internationally recognized qualification that allows you to start a business as a permaculture designer, or to lead community projects around permaculture.

The skills that you learn in this course have an endless variety of applications. After all, sustainable living is one of the fastest growing sectors – socially and economically – in the country.

Order this course right now and start learning for a one-time payment of $599
Don't wait, as you might miss out on the free bonuses!

For instance, many major companies are seeking out sustainability experts to lower their resource consumption, and their costs. Governments are tapping into this powerful knowledge to build more sustainable cities and communities. Small businesses often seek out permaculture experts to ensure they are exceeding their customers’ expectations about their commitment to sustainability. And permaculture practice in the community can help transform the lives of everyone – from rehabilitating prisoners to giving kids learning opportunities.

We are taking you by the hand and teaching you everything you need to know about permaculture from the comfort of your home. But that’s not all….

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As part of a limited goodwill offer, we are also giving you three bonuses as FREE welcome gifts for joining the Permaculture Design Mastery program. These bonuses are worth over $600 total!

So here's what you're getting if you order now:

Bonus #1: Permaculture Design Fundamentals eBook

(normally $28 retail value, yours free today!)

  • How to capture and clean water
    You’ll learn about a simple, almost effortless strategy for reducing your household water consumption by 50% or more… without skipping showers or re-wearing clothes! The powerful water recycling techniques you’ll discover can supply 2/3 of your home’s water!
  • Key fundamentals of natural building materials
    Create natural bricks with four easy-to-find ingredients! You’ll also learn about the top renewable building method, which lets you create structures without baking, using bricks, or using formwork or structural molds!
  • Six fascinating secrets of composting
    You’ll get the 6 simple rules for creating optimal compost, and learn how compost can prevent plant disease, filter rainwater, prevent soil erosion, and even provide heat and electricity.

Order this course right now and start learning for a one-time payment of $599
Don't wait, as you might miss out on the free bonuses!

Bonus #2: Suburban Homestead Design Course 

This program gives you a comprehensive understanding of permaculture and its practical tools to enable you to create a permaculture design for any site, wherever you may be.

  • Grow abundant healthy, organic food for you and your family
  • Transform your house into an energy efficient home
  • Save water and use it more effectively – and reduce your bills
  • Make your soil a cultivation marvel – using your own compost
  • Live more sustainably and produce less waste
  • Move towards self-sufficiency and food security
  • Use natural planting designs to maximize yield
  • Be able to practice permaculture in any location – city, country, and anywhere in-between
  • Using planting configurations to generate self-sustaining ecosystems and more yield
  • Grasp some of the reasons why permaculture was devised in the first place – and which still threaten the planet

The animated Regenerative Ecological Design Course (REDC) gives you a comprehensive understanding of permaculture – its origins, theory, and application – as well as the practical tools to enable you to create a permaculture design for any site, wherever you may be.

Get access to over 12 hours of animated video presentations that take you through all aspects of permaculture. Over a series of modules you will discover all aspects of permaculture history, design and application. As you work through each of the modules, there will be quizzes to test your knowledge and chart your progress.

You’ll discover why permaculture was first developed, and the guiding principles and ethics that underpin all permaculture applications. You’ll learn all about the patterns that occur in nature, why they have evolved, and how to work in harmony with them on your own property.

The course also covers the analysis that is required of any site before a design is implemented, such as observing climatic conditions, reading the landscape, and understanding all the processes that are occurring in the soil, in plants and trees, and in the connections between them.

There will also be discussion about how people, plants and animals interact in harmonious ecosystems, how we can promote healthy self-sustaining ecosystems, and how livestock and aquaculture can become a part of your permaculture design.

You will see how such permaculture practice should be applied depending on your type of climate – from mountaintops to deserts, from tropical islands to suburban backyards, and everywhere in-between.

You will also explore how permaculture principles can be applied to local and global communities; in ways that are based on sustainable resource use, protection of the natural world, and positive interrelationships between people.

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Order this course right now and start learning for a one-time payment of $599
Don't wait, as you might miss out on the free bonuses!

If the risk-free 30-day guarantee (if you complete the course within 30 days and for any reason aren't 100% satisfied we will give your money back) and the $600 worth of free bonuses aren't enough to have you head over to the registration page, these success stories will surely seal the deal.


"I wanted something that would function by itself, that would be self-sufficient and wouldn't require too much of my time..."

Anastasiya Levdikova
Permaculture Course Graduate


" winter I will have food growing in my backyard that I can access constantly..."

Jeana Lowes
Permaculture Course Graduate


“The instructors here are top notch. Regenerative Leadership Institute has brought together a wide variety of ideas dealing with not only the treatment of the land and the design of farms, but with the treatment of people and the planet.”

Brett M.
Permaculture Course Graduate


“Since this course I have been empowered to continue my path as a permaculture designer studying natural and green building. Permaculture design should be an essential course for anyone who is serious about ecological and social justice and wants to learn how to be empowered and make changes that aren’t dependent on waiting for bureaucratic government systems to change their abusive ways. If you’re ready for that paradigm shift of consciousness take the next Permaculture Design Course as soon as you can."

Jessica M.
Permaculture Course Graduate


“The permaculture class was a wonderful (if trying) experience. The class makes the student confront basic issues/contradictions that we face–and offers uplifting answers and possibilities so that the student can move forward. I enjoyed the intensity of it. The class experience is much more than a simple exploration of organic gardening and permaculture design. Highly recommended.”

Doug D.
Permaculture Course Graduate


“I really enjoyed the experience, I can feel my permaculture mind continuing to grow as things settle in from the course.”

Jaye Marolla
Permaculture Course Graduate

Order this course right now and start learning for a one-time payment of $599
Don't wait, as you might miss out on the free bonuses!