Aquaponics –


If you’ve ever wondered about incorporating an aquaponics system into your permaculture design, but aren’t sure where to start, then this is the course for you. By working through this course, you will gain a complete understanding of what it takes to set up a system on your property – from the equipment you need, and the conditions to analyze to find the most suitable location, to the water and growing medium in which you will cultivate your yields. The course also explores your options when it comes to fish species with which to stock your system, and suitable planting strategies to utilize. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the cycling of nutrients that goes on in an aquaponics system, and the key role hat bacteria play in it – as well as practical guidance on raising food for your fish on your site so that you limit the energy input required from external sources. With hints and tips to help your solve some of the more common problems that can occur, this course has everything you need to start and maintain a successful aquaponics system on your permaculture property.

Learning outcomes

  • Discover the historical roots of combining fish with plant cultivation
  • Learn about the three primary modern methods of aquaponics practiced today
  • Be apprised of all the pieces of equipment you need to start your own system
  • Analyze the most appropriate position on your site for setting up an aquaponics system
  • Know how to ensure the water in your tank is suitable for stocking with fish
  • Start the bacterial process that will cycle nutrients through the system
  • Understand the different needs and characteristics of various fish species
  • Be able to cultivate food on your site with which to feed your fish
  • Develop suitable planting strategies for the growing bed in your aquaponics system
  • Troubleshoot common problems with either your fish or your plants