Building a Green Property –

Building a Green Property

This course is your guide to building a green, energy efficient property. With sustainability and effective power use as the guiding principles, it looks at a variety of features in a home that can be modified to make a house greener. It guides you through the factors to consider when making the first planning steps in your construction project – from assessing you site to find the best position to introducing you to a range of natural building techniques that could be suitable – and cost effective – for your project. The course will also guide you through design features that can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of your home – and how you can improve it by modifying them. These include window and door design, insulation materials, and passive cooling strategies. You’ll also learn some simple tips and tricks for changing conditions inside your home, easily and quickly. This course concludes by surveying two of the most popular options for providing sustainable energy to your home – wind turbine and solar panels. We’ll explore the options with both, and give you the confidence to decide whether they are right for your new property.

Learning outcomes

  • Consider how your new property will interact with the natural landscape around it
  • Be able to assess a site to find the best position for a building
  • Understand how climatic factors influence energy efficiency – and how to ameliorate them
  • Appreciate the suitability of various natural building techniques
  • Assess the relative characteristics of a range of organic insulation materials
  • Know how window and door design can influence the heating and cooling of your home
  • Discover a variety of simple design features that can improve energy efficiency in your home
  • Take easy steps to solve some common house problems
  • Recognize the steps required to install a wind turbine on your property
  • Learn how solar panels work, and how they can benefit your home