Chickens –



This course introduces you to the delights of keeping chickens. Often the first step permaculture gardeners make into keeping livestock, chickens can provide many different benefits to your site, not only eggs, but also soil improvement, robust plant growth, and even heating your home! You will learn about all these benefits and more. This course also takes you through the various needs that chickens have and offers guidance on how you can provide for them to ensure a happy, healthy flock. We’ll look at shelter, space, food, water, and protection from stress and disease. You will also learn about the distinctive characteristics of a number of common breeds, so that you can choose the best birds for the conditions on your property. The course concludes by guiding you through the options for breeding birds from your own eggs.

Learning outcomes

  • Appreciate the many benefits that chickens an bring to a permaculture property
  • Understand the needs of chickens – and how to provide for them
  • Be able to provide a suitable coop for your flock
  • Discover the options when it comes to providing outside space for your birds
  • Identify suitable sources of food for your flock
  • Supply your chickens with suitable sources of drinking water, grit and dust baths
  • Ensure that your chickens do not get stressed
  • Spot the symptoms of some common avian diseases
  • Analyze the suitability of different breeds for your site conditions
  • Be able to breed chickens from your own eggs