Companion, Guild and Succession Planting –

Companion, Guild and Succession Planting

This course is all about connections. It explores the ways that permaculture gardeners can utilize connections and relationships between different species of plants, and between plants and animals, in order to improve growing conditions on their site and so maximize yield. You’ll learn all about the benefits of companion planting, guild planting and succession planting, and be given the practical guidance you need to institute any or all of them on your property.

Learning outcomes

  • Grasp how companion and guild planting mimics natural ecosystems
  • Discover the multiple benefits of companion planting
  • Appreciate the beneficial relationships that plants and animals can have
  • Know how to use plants to deter or repel pest animals
  • Understand suitable companions for a variety of fruit, vegetable and herb species
  • Recognize that companion planting can also work for grain crops
  • Know the constituent parts of a plant guild
  • Learn four different succession-planting strategies
  • Comprehend how rotating crops protects against disease and crop failure
  • Be able to initiate a four-bed rotation planting system