Compost: The essential guide –

Compost: The essential guide

This course offers a comprehensive guide to one of the permaculture gardener’s best tools: organic compost. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of how compost is made, which type of materials make for the best compost – and which should be kept out of it – and the benefits it brings to your soil, the plants within it and, ultimately, the yield from your property. We’ll also explore the variety of options available for making compost, including working with worms, and describe the best way to apply it to your property for the best results. With this complete guide, you’ll be composting before you know it!

General Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the processes that turn organic matter into compost compost-1
  • Unearth the complex web of life in every compost pile
  • Find out all the benefits compost gives to soil
  • Comprehend how different factors influence decomposition
  • Discover how to construct, site and maintain a healthy compost pile
  • Appreciate which materials can go into an organic compost pile – and those that can’t
  • Consider the different options when it comes to compost containers
  • Learn how to apply compost to your garden beds for maximum effectiveness
  • Receive hints and tips to make sure your plants get the most out of the compost
  • Recognize potential compost problems – and know how to deal with them