Graywater Reuse –

Graywater Reuse

greywater-1This course is your comprehensive guide to collecting and reusing graywater from your home. No matter where you live, you can take steps to use your water more efficiently – saving you money and helping protect the planet’s finite supply of fresh water. You will discover how easy it is to start a graywater system in your own home, and the multitude of ways your garden will benefit when the moisture is reused. With practical advice on choosing, installing and maintaining a system, you’ll be able to put your learning into practice immediately. The course also offers lots of hints and tips on general water conservation on your property, and advice on integrating graywater system into your permaculture design.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand why preserving water and using it efficiently is so important
  • Discover what graywater is and what graywater harvesting systems do
  • Appreciate the variety of sources in the home from where graywater can be sourced
  • Learn some easy ways to conserve water in the home
  • Gain practical knowledge about choosing a graywater system
  • Consider the factors that influence a system’s efficiency
  • Know how graywater can be collected in the home and diverted to the garden
  • Explore the variety of uses graywater can have for soil and plants
  • Learn guidelines for keeping graywater safe
  • Discover how a graywater system can be integrated with other permaculture design techniques