Greener Home –

Greener Home

This course looks at how to make your home greener – more environmentally friendly, more energy and water efficient so it draws on fewer resources, and less wasteful. It is about reconfiguring your home – in simple ways – so that it is in tune with the permaculture principles of ‘Care for the earth’ and ‘Care for people’. It explores inputs and outputs of your house, and suggests ways to make them kinder to the inhabitants, and to the environment. During this course you will learn about sources of potential toxins in the home – and how to avoid them. You’ll also discover organic alternatives to chemical cleaning agents – alternatives that you probably already have in your house. The course also guides you through the various options for making your household appliances, lights, flooring, and hot water supply more energy efficient, as well as giving you all the information you need to make green purchases for common household items. When it comes to the outputs from your house, this course gives you a comprehensive understanding of how recycling schemes work, and offers ways to help you minimize e-waste, and put surplus food to good use in the community.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how even small changes in your home fit with the permaculture principle ‘Care of the Earth’
  • Recognize potential sources of chemicals in the home
  • Utilize common organic substances to clean your house
  • Appreciate the difference energy-efficient appliances can have on your home and the environment
  • Be able to use a variety of household appliances more efficiently to save energy and money
  • Know about the energy impact of different kinds of light bulb
  • Make sustainable choices for the flooring in your home
  • Understand the different options when it comes to greener options for providing hot water to your household
  • Be aware of what generally can and can’t go into municipal recycling collection containers
  • Identify ways to minimize e-waste and food waste