Mulch: A Permaculture Marvel –

Mulch: A Permaculture Marvel

This course is all about mulch – a marvelous material that can bring all kinds of benefit to your permaculture plot. You’ll discover the multitude of benefits that using mulch can bring to your garden beds – from improving the soil to protecting the plants. A comprehensive guide to the range of options for mulch material is also included, as are specific strategies for getting the most from your mulch. The course also includes information of living mulches, and advice on when an inorganic material might be the right choice. Having studied this course you will also have the confidence to make the right mulch choice for your site and your aims, as well as be able to identify common problems with mulch – and be able to remedy them.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of organic mulch to your permaculture design mulch-2
  • Appreciate the differences between mulch and compost – and how they work together
  • Gain knowledge about various organic mulch materials
  • Learn about the role living mulches can play
  • Recognize when inorganic mulches might be a suitable choice
  • Consider the factors that will influence your choice of mulch material
  • Receive guidance on specific mulching techniques
  • Discover how different materials can be combined to make a single mulch
  • Know how to identify common mulch problems – and how to solve them
  • Find out about mulching techniques suitable for certain types of plants