Permaculture Basics –

Permaculture Basics

This course is the ultimate introduction to permaculture and sustainable living. If you have always wanted to try permaculture, organic gardening, going green, and sustainable living but didn’t know where to start – this is the course for you. You’ll discover what permaculture is, the principles and design strategies that underpin it, and the huge array of applications that it can be used for. The course will introduce you to some of the essential elements of designing a holistic, self-sustaining ecosystem – from climate, soil and trees to the inspiration that pattern in nature can give us. This course is also packed with practical advice and tips on cultivating and maintaining a thriving permaculture system – from harvesting rainwater and using compost to getting the most yield from your plants. You will also learn how to apply these ideas to your property wherever you live, be it the tropics, the cooler climes, or even in the city. What’s more, the course broadens out the potential of permaculture and looks at how its principles can help us become better communicators, more understanding collaborators, and healthier individuals. The Permaculture Basics course gives you the perfect introduction to all aspects of permaculture, green living and organic gardening.

Here just a few of the learning outcomes you can expect from studying this course:

  • Make your own organic compost and use it to boost your crops
  • Transform your diet to be healthier, fitter and full of energy
  • Reuse water from your home in your garden – saving water and money on your bills
  • Learn strategies to reduce conflict and foster positive outcomes in conversation
  • Minimize water waste in your home and garden
  • Discover the many benefits of trees to your garden – and the planet
  • Be able to apply permaculture to any environment
  • Transform towns and cities with green living strategies
  • Find out how nature uses pattern to preserve energy
  • Build many different kinds of garden beds
  • Know about the life processes that make for a healthy soil
  • Plant crops for maximum yield
  • Incorporate animals into your garden ecosystem
  • Be able to approach any interaction with others in a positive mindset

Course Content

Lessons Status

How can permaculture change the world?


Why the wilderness is at the heart of permaculture?


The eight steps to permaculture design success


What do a snail and a galaxy have in common?


Why permaculture is the ultimate in climate control?


5 ways that trees can change the weather


Your essential permaculture water saving guide


Why we need to stop treating soil like dirt


Dig in and find out how to maximize water efficiency


The no-sweat guide to permaculture in the tropics


Your ultimate guide to making the desert bloom


Learn how to chill-out with permaculture


Could this be the future of food?


Can permaculture fix our broken society?


Rainwater - Easy ways to help save the world


Nutrition – The incredible bite-sized program that will revolutionize your diet


Communication - Could you be communicating more constructively?


Mediation - The easy way to turn conflict into collaboration


Greywater - Why there is no such thing as waste water


A Greener Home - Going green at home – the essential guide


Mulch - Why you do NOT want to miss out on mulch


Water earthworks - How to make the earth move with permaculture


Companion, guild & succession planting - Learn how to make the connection to permaculture


Suburban Permaculture - From high-rises to highways – permaculture is an urban phenomenon


Compost – This is the most amazing recycling process in the world


Soils & Garden Beds - Discover the most important foundation of permaculture