Prolonging the Harvest –

Prolonging the Harvest

In permaculture design, we always seek to make the most of every yield from our site, and at the same time to minimize waste. As such, when you have surplus crops, knowing how to preserve them so that they can be stored for later use is an invaluable skill to have. That’s where this course comes in.  It takes you through a number of different techniques that allow you to preserve food and – in a sense – prolong your harvest. You will learn not only about how to store fresh fruit and vegetables so that they are edible for as long a time as possible, you will also come to understand the biological processes that cause food to deteriorate – and discover ways to prevent them. The course includes comprehensive guides to preserving produce by means of drying it, freezing it, salting it, smoking it, and vacuum packing it. For each of these methods, you’ll understand how they change the foodstuffs, and what that can add to your diet in terms of flavor and texture. You will also be able to modify the techniques to make them suitable for a wide range of different crops. With the skills and knowledge learned in this course, enjoying the fruits of your harvest will never end!

Learning outcomes

  • Know which organisms cause food to decay – and how to minimize their activity
  • Be able to fruit and vegetables in suitable condition to maintain freshness for the longest time
  • Unearth the ancient technique of food storage known as clamping
  • Learn strategies to make freezing food as efficient as possible
  • Appreciate the different methods required to freeze fruits and vegetables
  • Be cognizant of a number of ways for drying food for preservation
  • Understand the two main ways of canning food
  • Know why salt preserves food, and be able to prepare a simple brine
  • Discover the differences between cold and hot smoking
  • Be able to use additions to the smoking process to change the flavor profile of your food
  • Appreciate how vacuum packing works, and the different machines available to do it


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