Suburban Homestead Design –

Suburban Homestead Design

This course gives you a complete understanding of what permaculture is, how it can be applied, and what it can do to transform your property – and your life. Based around the seminal text ‘Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual’ by permaculture founder Bill Mollison, the course explains the principles and ethics that permaculture is built on, and then delves into the practical aspects of analyzing, planning and implementing permaculture designs on any site. You’ll discover how to rehabilitate and improve soil, plan self-sustaining planting ecosystems, harvest and use rainwater efficiently, and how to incorporate livestock and aquaculture into your design. The course also looks at the specific methods of permaculture practice that are utilized in different climate conditions, so you can confidently use permaculture wherever you are.

Learning outcomes

  • Appreciate the origins of permaculture – and why it came about
  • Understand the principles and ethics that underpin permaculture
  • Gain knowledge about how permaculture is practiced in different climates
  • Discover the eight deign methods used in permaculture
  • See how wind, rain, snow, sun and frost affect permaculture design
  • Learn all about soil – and how to improve it
  • Be able to use planting configurations and landscape features to maximize yield from any site
  • Incorporate livestock and aquaculture into your garden ecosystem
  • Recognize the importance of trees – and learn how to cultivate them alongside other plants
  • Know how permaculture can be applied to towns, cities and communities

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