The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Chickens

  • Discover the many benefits chickens bring to a permaculture property
    Chickens can have so many positive impacts upon a permaculture ecosystem, beyond providing you with fresh, organic eggs. You will learn how the birds can improve the quality of your soil, how they can help your plants produce more yield, and even how they can help to heat your home!
  • Recognize what chickens need to thrive – and how to provide them
    You’ll get practical know-how to enable you to give your chickens the environment they need to flourish. From shelter, food, and water to grit and dust baths, you will be able to ensure your birds can express their natural behaviors, live stress-free, and so be a valuable part of your permaculture ecosystem.
  • Learn about different breeds – and how to have a self-sustaining flock
    The eBook will also provide you with information about the characteristics of different chicken breeds, so that you can chose the best one for your property. You will also learn two different methods of egg incubation, so you can breed your own chickens.

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