The 4 Most Effective Ways to Transform Your Diet

  • Understand how certain foods affect your body
    When it comes to diet, knowledge is power. That’s why this book takes you through a range of foodstuffs – such as fats and sugars – and their effect on your body, your health and your energy levels. You will also compare processed food with organic and whole foods to see what their differences are.
  • Take four simple steps to transform your diet
    You’ll get practical guidance on four key changes you can make that will radically alter how you consumer food. They put mindfulness at the heart of eating, and offer simple techniques for changing behaviors for more positive outcomes. From keeping a food diary to swapping bad habits for good ones, this book empowers you to change.
  • Make exercise an integral – and effective – part of every day
    Exercise is the other key factor in improving your health and well being – and our Nutrition book shows you how to get more of it into your day. You’ll see the connections between exercise and food, and be able to make positive decisions to get your heart rate up.

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