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    Hi I am from Pakistan . I have been trying to search permaculture experts in my country for the last three months but I am unable to find any in Pakistan and my circumstances won’t allow me to go abroad for training.
    I have been trying hard to learn permaculture from all the available resources online. The more I learn about permaculture the more I become eager to start with but practical know how is different from theory.

    I have been constantly reading material and videos etc. but you must agree that for a beginner it’s really overwhelming because there are lots of lots of information on that. Moreover I can’t learn unless and until I do it myself. So instead of giving up I thought if learners and lovers of permaculture help me collectively then it would be another adventurous project for some other learners as well because we can also document all details here for every one’s interest.
    I am such excited and eager to do it that I have arranged a land as well but alas no matter how hard I have been trying but I am getting no help.

    My idea is just to learn but you can say it’s a learning from distance with you people help. I just have a land approximately 126 square meter. The minimum land for permaculture required is about 100 sq meter. So this is nice piece of land to start with. The land is fertile with ideal climate.
    Instead of theory it would be a practical kind of project for all people. Let’s say first I will upload the picture of land then can you guide me the first step. Theoretically I have learnt most of the basic things but I am eager to see my permaculture food forest in reality. Waiting for positive replies from you.



    Hello from the north coast of California,

    I also have been seeking others to learn with or learn from through hands-on learning. I am so anxious to start getting my hands in the dirt. But I’m sure there are many more opportunities for me here than are available to you in Pakistan, so I feel kind of pathetic right now, or at least that I should try a bit harder.

    Anyway, I have an idea…there is a website that is basically a Permaculture Social Network – We could start a student or beginners discussion and connect that way. For easier communication, my email is [email protected].

    Peace – Namaste,



    Thank you Tammy dear. Your idea and link is good. I will also contact you via Email soon. Keep in touch.



    Actually In Pakistan its not like that the concept is new. I have read that so many events have been held in the past about permaculture. Even experts from Australia and America have visited here and started many projects in valley areas of Pakistan. but now it has been complete silence since last two years before I raised the voice. I contacted so many people and at last when I successfully reached a couple of experts via telephone then they realized that they should do it secretly instead of helping a permaculture lover. They said “thank you dear, you are such an amazing girl you awaken us from deep sleep and reminded us again about an excellent thing like permaculture” So this is the case but I am so passionate about it that I will not give up I will succeed. Moreover permaculture also needs money to design and create some things so I am trying to start something that can give me regular income so that i can freely experiment with permaculture. I also have found free lessons about perma a couple of days ago if you want that link I can help you out. Regards

    But at the same time I just started organic vegetable growing at my home. Will update you soon about this kitchen garden project. I also want to grow vegetables in permaculture style, but don’t know much about it. Also looking for worms so that I can produce high quality vermicast but unfortunately worms are also foreign item means I have to get worms from Australia or from USA.



    Hello Zee,

    Thank you for connecting with me and sharing all of this information. I
    think it sounds like you are off to a great start.
    And good for you for talking to so many people and getting the word out

    There is a website here in the US called that has really
    taken-off. People in the county where I live use it all of the time. The
    idea is that if you have something that you were going to throw away but
    you think someone else may have a use for it, you post the item(s) on
    the site, so it does not end up in the landfill. People also post things
    that they need. Americans are extremely wasteful so this is a useful
    website. I have picked up a broken electric kiln that I plan to use to
    build an Earth Oven, and some glass that I am collecting for a Walipini
    greenhouse (which is a semi-subterranean structure.) I also plan on
    building an aquaponics system for growing fish, fruits and vegetables in
    the Walipini. The only obstacle that is keeping me from moving forward
    is land. I live with my mom and we rent our house. I am connecting with
    some wonderful people though and I’m certain that opportunities await.

    I don’t think it is possible for there to be plants and trees and no
    worms. If there is a wooded area near you, any place with a good number
    of trees in close proximity to each other, or even just an area of good
    moist soil, you should be able to find worms.

    Thank you once again Zee, you have brightened my day. Happy
    gardening…and worm gathering;-)




    A good start would be to learn about what is already growing around you. Just go outside, find a plant that seems interesting, and try to learn as much as you can about it. I think it is important not to get overwhelmed with a large project. Just do something small. Even if you just put a bucket out in the rain to use the water later, that is a start. My first “project” was just a row a buckets collecting the runoff from a barn. I would use them to water the garden. Later I built a small swale to redirect the water to an area already prone to flooding. Eventually I will make that area into a pond or something.

    I agree with you Tammy, if there are trees, water, and healthy soil, worms are in there somewhere. Have you considered making a small indoor aquaponics system? I could show you the one I made out of some bins and a pond pump from the hardware store. Only around $150 if you have to buy everything new.

    I understand how you feel about it being hard to find local people to learn from and work with. Even here in the US I am on the east coast and a lot of the training and people interested in permaculture are on the west coast. And for a poor farmer a trip across the country is only slightly less expensive than a trip across the world to Pakistan.



    Hello…I don’t see your name,

    Thank you for joining conversation! I have embarked on some small
    projects… I have grown a few veggies, made apple cider vinegar from
    the abundance of post-season apples we have here (which I use for hair
    conditioner, flea control for my canine companion, and as a daily health
    supplement), gathered dandelions for salad and made coffee/tea beverages
    from the roots, to name a few.

    However, my first large project is going to be an Aquapini, an
    underground greenhouse, or Walipini, for aquaponics and more. I would
    love to see pictures of your system! I have been gathering components
    from various free sources and soon I will have some space ( a little
    section of Earth) on which to begin building. I am about 1/3 of the way
    through Sylvia Bernstein’s “Aquaponic Gardening: A step-by-step guide to
    raising vegetables and fish together” and I have done quite a bit of
    research. I am so ready to get my hands dirty!

    I am involved in many community building projects, too many actually.
    But I think they might begin to culminate into something more manageable
    soon. I am looking for people who are interested in starting a Time Bank
    in our town which I am hoping will lead to much more community
    involvement, freeing up some of my time.

    Please send me pics of your indoor aquaponics system when you get a
    chance…oh and I would like to know your name also 🙂




    Hi you all. Goovaz I was very interested in Hydroponics and Aquaponics as well but I have heard that food grown throw hydroponics is not that tasty. And Aquaponics is also not famous in our country. still I will try just for experimentation with my perma project. Actually we don’t need aquaponics and hydroponics at large scale because already we have lots of lots of bare land in our country. We also have seas and the the world’s best canal irrigation system. Aqua and hydro are for countries where land and good soil is a problem.

    Our soil is producing the tastiest fruits and vegetables and the world’s 98%( almost) citrus is provided by our country. Our only concern is our Government which is not supporting. Any way I am at it and will do whatever I can. I also had a meeting with high official today and now they have sent the project to research department. Now I know they will try to hijack the project. Well lets see. In that case I will start the project at small land which I mentioned earlier in this post.



    I’m Dave by the way. I went ahead and wrote a post about my aquaponics system.



    Okay Dave. Wow I have read about your Aquaponics and also saw the pictures. Its nice. Talented Man

    What is goovas? by the way


    Hi Zee and others here.
    I enjoy reading your stories. I just started following these lectures about permaculture (about 1 week ago). I know about permaculture for many years, but did not do anything with it. Now I want to make the things I had in mind become reality. I am glad I found this ‘open permaculture school’.I think this is the place where I can find the people willing to give the advice I need. Maybe I can even find people here for the ‘project-group’, a group of people to start the project I have in mind.

    OK, this all will take time. Like a tree needs years to grow from a seed, my project needs time to grow. So while I’m still here in a rented ground-level-apartment with some square meters of garden (I think it’s about 50 m2 back and front), I try out growing some food-plants here. And I do my best finding interested / interesting people like you here, all over planet Earth. It’s so good I can do this while staying at home, here in the Netherlands (western Europe).
    With kind regards,



    Dear Inge I love this “Like a tree needs years to grow from a seed, my project needs time to grow. ” Wow what a piece of wisdom. Dear yesterday I have finalized the deal and soon you will enjoy following my first project. I will publish a new post today. Inge we are all with you just start and things will magically sorted out.
    You are from Netherlands, my brother also lives there so I know that netherland is fertile and flower land. You will find permaculture amazingly easy in your country.


    Thank you Zee, for your comment.
    I’m in the Netherlands now, but the project I have in mind is at the Caribbean island of Curaçao. My husband is born there (came to the Netherlands about 15 years ago). I was there several times with him, to visit friends and family. It is totally different from western Europe. I love this island … Only a few people there know permaculture, but so much could be possible there, because of the nice climate!
    Yes here in the Netherlands permaculture starts to spread!
    Looking out to your next post.



    Hello all! It’s wonderfull reading about all of your adventures and ideas with permaculture! I too have begun the videoes and planning what I would like to do but seem so overwhelmed. It’s nice to see what others are doing. I live in West Texas where I’ve have had very dry hoy summers so I’m not too sure how to plan for that. I guess I’ll just keep watching and learning. Thanks y’all for all of your tips and resources.

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