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    Hi All,

    Really enjoying the course so far…

    I’m looking to buy some land in Spain to build an ecovillage using Permaculture Design Techniques. I’m wondering if you can give me any advice on what is the best type of land to buy.

    For instance some options I’ve looked at have been on slopes and some have been flat land and next to a lake. The area I’m interested in is around the mountains of Valencia (near the village of Benimarfull) so the climate is Mediterranean and the soil seems very dry. For this reason I was thinking some land on a slope would be best so I could dig swales and preserve what little water that comes from the sky. I really do not have a clue though and any advice would be much appreciated.

    Also do you have any idea how much land I’d need to be self sufficient for food? I’m sure I heard somewhere 1 acre for a family of four but I can’t find that source anywhere.

    Many Thanks in advance



    There a Video on that subject on Yea you have to sign up to the site. He is trying to sell his course. But all the videos that he is using to sell his course are free and awesome. Heck of a lot of ideas that you can use. He is also adding videos every now and then to the collection of free videos.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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