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    Hello fellow permies,
    I am working in a property with a nice flat backyard that develops into a very sloped hill, both facing North and North-West (I am based in New Zealand, so North is our sunny face). The “border” between the flat land and the slopes has been planted for years with agapanthus (Agapanthus praecox), growing quite tall and shading the yard that could be put into production. They are very good for soil retention but I am searching for some other plant/s that will fulfill the soil retention purpose but would grow much smaller, ideally not more that 75cm/1metre and would produce something for the household, like herbs, fruit or beautiful flowers they can look at. Any ideas about which plants you could use there? This area has mild temperatures without frosts, plenty of rain throughout the year and not too harsh winds.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


    Hi Beatrix. I like reading about gardens all over planet Earth! Of course I can not give you useful tips, as I am total opposite from you (I live in the Netherlands, western Europe). I had to look up ‘agapanthus preacox’, I didn’t know the plant. Now I see photos of beautiful blue flowers and large leaves! From the name ‘preacox’ I understand the flowers only bloom in spring. You probably want a plant you can enjoy during more seasons. Blooming in spring and fruits in summer or autumn, maybe nice autumn colours. Maybe even wood for a fire …
    I hope other New Zeallanders will react here, people who know which plants are right for your place.



    Hello Inge,
    Thanks for answering!
    Precisely, they have big blooms that come from the middle of the tight leaves “bush”. They have naturalised here in New Zealand, but are quite invasive in some areas if there is nothing to counteract them (great for covering bare soil though, Nature hates bare soil!) but I am searching for something more adequate to the area, let’s see if somebody has any ideas!



    I’m located in the plains of Colorado and it is summer here. We are in zone 5, and our summers are hot and covering the soil is very important. I grow holly hocks and irises here as well as a variety of wild flowers and summer vegetables, and I keep a large compost pile with whatever cover crops I can find (I walk the alleys and collect seed every summer and fall.) Then I mulch with leaves and hay. This fall I’m going to be much more cognizant of saving all the leaves I can get my hands on. I’m going to plant more beans and peas next year and do more canning. We won’t be travelling as much, so I’ll be in my garden more. I also have a lot of Rocket salad which has gone to seed, and plan to plants that everywhere I can in the cool gullies and alleys and then share that information whatever site seems most appropriate. This fall I am building and planting hugelkulture beds against our East fence (which will get the west sun this winter.

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