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    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has tips on on aquaculture in a desert climate. I am looking at moving to zone 9 in Tucson, Arizona and am interested in the possibility of aquaculture as a means to generate protein, fish, as well as it’s cooling properties for the surrounding area. This would be a tricky venture, but I am interested in the potential of creating an oasis.
    Obviously I would need to establish a thick canopy surrounding the edges to keep evaporation to a minimum. I understand bamboo is excellent at keeping water in an area because of its dense root systems which would also provide habitat for the fish. Also thinking about a small floating garden atop the water to minimize evaporation and create more fish habitat. A rainwater catchment tank from the house could potentially add water to the pond initially.
    What ideas or methods have you applied in similar environments or in your own pond systems?



    Interesting ideas. Please note, I am no expert, though I do know someone working on aquaculture in Singapore who hopes to move his operations to the ocean eventually. I especially like the floating garden idea – and am reminded of a comment I read by someone who was part of an experiment rafting across the Pacific ocean in the 1970s – in which he mentioned that along the way they became a new ecosystem, as small fish used the raft as a refuge and sharks began to follow the raft hoping for castoffs. Likewise, icebergs can become floating ecosystems – as they gradually release minerals picked up during their time as glaciers, which feeds plankton and starts the local food chain.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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