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    Thank you for your very informative lecture on Permaculture Fundamentals. Not to plow made so much sense and what really hit home for me was the disturbance of insects and other resources that would cause an imbalance in the Eco system by plowing.
    My first question to you; will we receive a Certificate after completing this online class?
    Next question – I am planning on moving to Georgia this summer from Oakland, to become an Urban Farmer. Do you know of any organizations to partner up with in terms on hands – on experience??

    I hope to move by mid July, is there a place here in the Bay that you would recommend that I check out for hands on?




    The certification is a paid service we offer @ http://www.regenerative.com/certificate



    All state “land grant” universities have a Cooperative Extension Service, most of which support a Master Gardener program. These provide plenty of opportunities for hands-on horticultural experience as well as being sources of tons of info on sustainable gardening. Google “Georgia Master Gardener” for details on the program in Georgia.
    Good luck!
    Alaska Master Gardener

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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