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    I have a few questions on chickens from video two. I have heard some say that nobody has ever really built a chicken greenhouse; that it is just a myth perpetuated by permaculture writers who have never actually done it. I think I heard this on the Permies forum. Is this true?

    Secondly, Paul Wheaton of Permaculture fame doesn’t like chicken tractors. I am not sure if I like them or not. I would really like to hear a response to the problems outlined in his article on chickens on Permies.

    Of course, if either of these things are covered in later videos, just let me know, and I will wait.



    Not an instructor. But there is a family in central Alberta, Canada who have a chicken heated greenhouse. They have a true free range egg operation and the green house is used to grow veg for the chickens in winter. Mostly trays of sprouts and some salad greens for people. I think they are Purenima Farms not sure of the spelling.



    I have 6 bantams and 4 one month old Red Shaver chickens, all hens. I am not permitted to have a rooster in the suburb where I live unfortunately.
    At present the chickens are in their own enclosure until they have grown to the same size as my bantams.
    Do you have any tips on how to integrate bantams and chickens?
    Also I am interested in building my own chicken coops out of recycled materials. I have access to free wooden pallets. Do you have any tips on how to design and construct a coop for roosting at night and egg laying please?
    My bantams happily free range during the day at present and I hope my chickens will be able to join them in approximately one month.
    regards Shelley



    My chickens have free range of my small glasshouse in winter after my tomatoes are finished. They clean up all the weeds have nice dustbaths and fertilise the ground for the following season. Although I don’t do the whole insulating and warming thing, they certainly save me a lot of work. I am only left with the old dried up vines to be removed. Cheers Rosemarie

    ps. I didn’t have the heart to lock my chickens in the chicken tractor I have. They use it for nesting only.


    Larry Korn

    Hey Malcolm,

    As you can see, people who raise chickens really love them and are very willing to share what they know with others. You could always go on and check in with the forum for chicken people. There must be lots of other forums out there, too.



    About integrating new chooks, we recently got two silky bantams and the advice we were given worked perfecty – just to put the new chooks into the chook enclosure after dark. In the morning they all got on OK immediately.



    We added the chicks after dark as well. It worked much better than the last time-the egg production was off for weeks. But, I hink it may work better with certain breeds than others. We did have some issues, even after a few days. The ‘new’ chicks slept in the outer enclosure for quit awhile, until the cold made them go in. All is well now.

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