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    I believe life is all about health. If you are healthy everything comes automatically. Health starts from healthy food and healthy environment. Isn’t it amazing that you can attain both health and healthy food by growing greens and growing fruits, vegetables and plants etc. But one thing above amazing is that you also can achieve abundance by growing food forests and gardens.

    I hope I will soon share my successful projects with you people. I really have worked hard for permaculture though I had no training, no resources no connections no land but I searched solutions out of tough problems. I contacted hundreds of people in my country Pakistan but found no support. Then I contacted permculture experts from abroad but most of the experts were not willing to give me practical help even on discounted rates and I strongly agree that they are right after all they have reached this place after crossing so many hurdles. Sometimes I just gave up then I collected my bits and pieces and I decided that I had to promote permaculture because this is amazing thing even for poor people. Luckily I am a very creative person and have strong fighting spirits. I kept on contacting people and raised voice in favor of permaculture.

    I have been learning and doing online course. Though unable to take certification but at least learning. I have been saving every money, even couldn’t make winter dresses no spending on shoes, dress even lipstick but just focusing on paying fees and promoting this beauty forest.

    Hopefully I will soon get land from Government for first experiment. I will start my first food garden. I know the scarcity of money but still I have applied for land because something inside me saying “do it anyway do it because it’s not just you it’s also your country and the entire Globe. Create a success model.’

    I couldn’t make a hospital for pain sufferers around the world though it is still on my priority but at least I can help pain sufferers and health issues indirectly. I have to succeed in this permaculture project.
    I hope you all support me I promise I will share all steps of my first food forest with you and I just need one success to spread this wonderful permaculture / food forest culture in each and every corner of my country.
    I am already creating great love, respect, fondness and curiosity regarding this concept among the people I am talking. I am lucky that I am gifted with nice communication skills but what actually is making such a difference is my real enthusiasm which I am radiating for attracting buzz for permaculture. I will appreciate and love to have a big support of all my friends here at this forum too.

    We all can learn from each other. On my say first of joining this forum my friend Tammy here informed me about a website where people can post the things which they don’t need any more so that others can use if they want. Such a wonderful concept. I will also try to make similar website in my country.



    Hello, I wish you success in your project. though i cannot help i still say go for it you have much to gain from it as well as encouraging others.



    Hello zee if you are still there, I read the details of your project and you seem to be brimming with enthusiasm. I am from islamabad and have started my certification from open permaculture school. I am also currently planning to work on two pilot projects. Let’s collaborate together if we can. Share ideas etc.

    drop me a line at [email protected]


    RonAld Ward

    Hello fellow participants, I am Ra , Nvda Tawadi of the Americas. I have a cousin in around Swat. Young man in the early twenties. if you be so inclinded to broaden his horizons, his name is Anas Abdullah Khan and his number is 9234507122

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