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    Hi to all! I find this site very useful and I would like to suggest for all student from Philippines to unite into a group for future activities and sharing.



    Great idea! I’d like to join the group. -Kamae



    I am also interested for that idea. Tito of Guimaras.



    I have just gotten here, but count me in.


    Renante Lloren

    Hi everyone, hope all is well with you folks.

    Please count me in if you are forming a group.

    I am not a practicing farmer for now, but soon I will become one, God willing in the next couple of years. I’m an OFW and presently working here in Riyadh KSA. I am eagerly interested to learn about permaculture so i can develop our small farm applying the same principles/fundamentals. Currently, taking up an organic agriculture course (continuing education) through distance learning offered by UPOU. This is my initial plan in action as a preparation of my retirement. Perhaps we can exchange/share good ideas to develop and gain more knowledge about sustainable farming that is beneficial for our good health, our family, and our environment. after all, we are responsible steward of our mother earth. God bless you all..



    Hey guys, great to meet you all. I’m not from the Philippines but my University is running a humanitarian competition to come up with the best idea as to how to help a small village in the Philippines named Tarong and the idea my group is working on is setting up a premature for the village. I’m still pretty new to all this though so it would be great if you guys could give advice.



    Hi All,

    Yes, please inform me how to join the group…new website, Skype group, Facebook group, etc…
    I am from Negros Occidental…living abroad but going back to Bacolod where I have a small farm
    lot along the highway to start my permaculture garden and earthbag home. I will be there this
    October. Let us do this !!!! sincerely yours, MA



    Hello everyone,

    I’m currently residing in Australia but my wife and I have some land in Eastern Samar which we visit as often as possible. We are trying to establish a small permaculture farm to allow us to move there on a more permanent basis. So far we have a small variety of fruit trees such as guava, custard apple, santol, mango, macupa (red bell), lansonis, rambutan, kalamansie, lime, several variety of bananas & coconut. We also have lots of vegetables grown by our family there. Yams, okra, chilli, casava, pineapple, beans, lemongrass, malungay, ginger, tomatoes, corn, and pumpkin.
We also have a few cows, chickens & pigs on the farm. And are looking at getting some goats soon too.
It would be great to connect with a few likeminded locals. I’d love to see what others may have already set up in our local area. Id love to be able to help each other out to source a greater variety of locally suited plants and or livestock.




    Hi everyone,

    I am glad I found this site. I have been interested in Permaculture and have know about it for years now. I wanted to start a small permaculture farm here in Cebu. Being 35 years old, female, have practically little to almost no knowledge in farming having raised in the city. Thinking of starting a permie farm is already quiet a feat lol! Also concerns about whether I will be able to live by (financially) will be my concern as well. If given a chance to own a farm land (God willing) this will be a good base for me to find inspiration of people who already started their permaculture journey.



    Cirilo B. Villarta

    Hi! Good day to all of you guys! How do you do? Please let me know if you’ll start a Philippine based group. I am Cirilo Villarta and we are planning to do a permaculture pilot project. in Rizal, CALABARZON.

    We are fundraising for the project. please visit our facebook and our website:

    Thank you and please keep in touch!


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