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    We created space for a pond on a hillside aprx 18 feet x 12 and aprx 5 feet deep. Because there is hardly any top soil and it is very rocky (marl too), it could not retain the water. So we dumped aprx 18 inches of clay. But water still soaks through, how do we make it waterproof? We used some pigs for a while and they did a great job at digging out all the vegetation but they also started to dig out the stones and removed the clay from the sides…. what’s the next step?



    Hi Lise,
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    Try ducks.



    i have aquired a plot and i would like to built a fish pond how can i go about i have to import water



    It is best to dig the pond early and let it naturally fill up with rainwater. You can also use spring water. Do not use tap water as it can upset the balance of the ecosystem in your pond.



    you can try clay and sand alternate layers of 1/2 inch each.



    I have created a number of smallish ponds by hand and while there has been varying success I have learnt a few things that might be useful…

    Layers of leaves can form a nice liner on the bottom of the pond since they can’t easily decompose with no oxygen. You can also use newspapers. More about this kind of thing here – http://www.permies.com/t/3409/ponds/Gley-technique-sealing-ponds-dams

    Plant the local wetland plants around the water edge and on the banks of the pond. It is my feeling / intuition that plants that live in or near water will be evolved to retain water in their surrounding landscape.

    As mentioned above, ducks (with their flat feet) will help form the bottom of the pond.

    Reduce evaporation of surface and surrounding soils with shade plantings.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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