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    I’m in the process of forming an AgriBusiness Incubator serving resource-poor urban communities in and around Cape Town. I order to test the permaculture methodology I have set up a small pilot and have experienced problems in obtaining material for the layering and building the beds – straw, manure, etc. My question is thus have any of you any experience in starting up small-scale agri production projects in similar communities and how have you overcome the issues of material scarcity and cost. I would also appreciate if you could share project startup costs as a guideline.

    My overall vision is to move small-scale backyard growers and small growers from subsistence, to semi-commercial and eventually through forming cooperatives into commercial producers. To meet GAP standards, the introduction of traceability and proper ICT systems is part and parcel of the project.

    Your input and advice or case studies would be welcomed.




    Hi Chris,

    I’ve found this series of videos very helpful in my own journey into urban/suburban food production
    He has a lot of good advice on free resources in urban environments to build soil fertility. I hope there is something useful there for you.




    This sounds good; there are mqny courses in this permaculture class that would benefit the average consumer .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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