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    I believe one of the main difficulties trying to develop a large project is lack of funds, for example we are working on 110 hectare project in Colombia, a community of 23 families forced from their traditional lands by the violence that raged there for so many years,
    I reside in Canada and my Government continues to advertise their programs to assist communities in developing nations and Colombia is considered a priority, still it is virtually impossible even to get one of their agencies even to acknowledge a correspondence, even when you write to a Government Minister and when one does get a letter it is sorry no help, One program has Fifteen Million Dollars to be spent in Colombia, we cannot even get assistance to purchase materials to provide these families with Safe Water. never mind developing a project that could provide for all the food needs of a very impoverished village close by.

    So how do we solve these problems. Yes I understand community gardens, private gardens but I strongly believe we must develop large scale protects. The question is how?.



    Crowd funding?
    have a look at KIVA

    I hope that is something that can help and wish you best of luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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