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    Thank you for putting together this online course for permaculture enthusiasts to take.It lowers the barrier for many people, which cost prohibitive, was not available to many interested people previously. Hopefully eventually, the cost of providing the education and certification will be low enough for anyone who is interested to take part in. I look forward to learning some new things from this course, and am contemplating taking part in the certification.

    I am looking to work towards starting a permaculture food forest public park in my hometown, Bethel, CT.



    Hello Brett and welcome to the Online Permaculture Design Course!

    I am really thrilled that you have chosen to join us for this world-changing program. With many tens of thousands of enrolled students, this is the world\’s largest permaculture education course, and we\’re really quite excited to share this knowledge with you.

    I want to take a moment to let you know about a few options that can help you get the most out of your learning experience with us:

    – Our instructors answer questions on these forums, and we generally really encourage you to participate in the forums as much as you can, as it will really help you engage with this material in the best possible way. You are encouraged to post any questions you may have about the lectures or general permaculture questions.

    – The course itself is offered completely free of charge (no catch, no gotcha, nothing). We also offer the same material on DVD (so you can watch it on your television) and you can purchase the DVD sets @

    – We do offer the internationally-standard Permaculture Design Certificate as an option with this course. The certificate program includes an experiential design project and examination; the design project can be for virtually any topic, including your own property. You can learn more about the certification @

    If you agree that the knowledge we offer in these lectures is worthwhile, we encourage you to support the continued development of this program by purchasing the DVD sets and the certification. The DVD sets also make truly fantastic gifts for friends and loved ones, and are a great way to introduce other people to permaculture (consider donating a set of DVDs to your local library!).

    Again, welcome on-board. I encourage you to take a moment to post on the other forums. If you have any questions, please post them in the Technical Questions or the Q&A forums (/forums). On behalf of our entire team, we hope that you enjoy this program and look forward to seeing you take this knowledge into the wild!



    Bethel, CT! No way! That’s where I live. It’s good to know there’s someone else around here interested in these things (I’ve felt like the only one for some time). I’ve been wanting to start a local meetup of people interested in these things. Might you be interested?



    Cool, haha, that’s good to hear. I would be interested in a local meet-up.

    The ‘Franc Frank’ property was recently bought by the town, and I have been expressing interest in the town starting a small food forest, (similar to the beacon hill food forest in Seattle washington



    Seems like a cool idea Brett. How would go about proposing it?



    I got lucky that the town fell into acquiring this land recently, and was holding public hearings on what to do with it. I first introduced the idea by talking about community gardens, and my involvement with agriculture in college, at the University of Connecticut. Then, I talked about the Beacon hill food forest in Seattle,started a few years ago, and mentioned I would be interested in incorporating this idea along with the community garden. I didn’t know what the response would be, but to my surprise, there were a few people on the board who took to the idea, one having had experience with community gardening in the past. So now, I think the project is under the umbrella of a community garden, and in reality, may look like something where there is a community garden fenced within a larger area fenced and designated as a forest garden. 🙂 This spring we may begin scouting locations within the 60 acre property. 🙂 serendipity i suppose



    That’s amazing actually if everything goes according to plan you may have the first food forest in Connecticut. I had been casually suggesting to my bosses that they do a food forest program with state parks, but try getting the state to do anything novel or inventive.



    I thought so as well. I recently went to one of those, ‘congress on your corner’ events, and was talking with congresswoman Esty about it, and one of her staff members got back to me saying there is a man living in Canton, CT, a small town I had never heard of before, who owns a nursery, Abi Gezunt Farm, and over the past year he’s been working with his town to do something similar. ( It sounds like he had faced a bit more opposition than I have. I understand where you are coming from, it seems so random sometimes when things work cause so often what seems like common sense falls on deaf ears. Do you grow or propagate plants of your own?



    I think this is a wonderful idea. I too am from CT but am studying construction management/design at NEIT in Rhode Island. I would love to see all of America covered in food forest!



    Hello, Connecticut!
    Brainstorm time. I’m originally from Darien and currently living in East Haven, but with family in Redding. I have a very long resume of community work and an even longer history of private gardening. I tried to get the town of E.Haven to start a community garden like we had in Darien (no interest, long story).
    I/we would like to start a conversation, even better a meet-up, with interested folk around Redding. Our family has done a lot of brainstorming on this (and have a wide range of expertise in many fields). After twenty years of town involvement, my personal conclusion is: if you want to do something good, do it yourself. I’d love to explain and elaborate on the details of all this, but suffice to say, our present thrust is to think bigger.
    We believe we could get a community of investors and actually rent or purchase property in the Bethel/Redding/Easton area- then we can get going.

    Winter’s going to let go pretty soon, time for a spring of inspiration and action. In the coming years, local will be the key, a community of neighbors is our strength. What do you think? Let’s talk.
    Either on this board or email me at [email protected]



    Hi Brett

    I just wanted to say I enjoyed listening to your “Oh Deer” I like your voice and sound
    Best Wishes to you



    I set up a group on Facebook for those in this area:
    Hopefully, we can get a meetup organized at some point.
    I will be at the CT NOFA conference at WCSU on Saturday, I’ll try to stop by the Permaculture talk, though it conflicts with two other talks I’d like to attend.



    Hello Brett,

    I too am from Bethel and I live directly across from that property, in a lot of ways that property shaped who I am and brought me me love for nature.
    Just about a week ago I had one of those “AH-HA” moments and realized that field could be turned into a forest garden and I’ve been researching the property and the zoning laws surrounding it and all that. I guess I’m a few steps behind :). I am moving back to Bethel in May and I would love to help with the project if I can.




    I’m interested in the fact that you are studying construction management. Are you interested in natural building like cob and straw bale and the like? Or passive solar design.. I don’t know of any companies in the area that specialize in this area… for home owners. I don’t know what the market for these types of structures there is either…. but I would guess that over the next century more people may be interested in this type of design. what are your thoughts?




    That’s great to hear. I look forward to working together

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