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    I’m really excited to have found this course & am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in this area & putting it into practice in the community
    I live 🙂

    Thank you for offering this free course!




    Kia ora –
    Also in Auckland area and stoked to have access to this free online course.

    Thank you!



    another one from Auckland, Hibiscus Coast.
    can’t believe it – free permaculture course! Great.

    So does anyone have a garden they implement permaculture in or starting to?
    I’ve been a keen gardener for awhile, and my mum does permaculture (finding time with an active 13 month old is hard ) but hopefully with some new knowledge it might make it easier!



    Another Aucklander here. Looking forward to starting this in my garden.



    I’m also in Auckland, I saw the course a while back, and its popped into my head again today, so I signed up. I read a bit about the permaculture principles and I believe that sustainable and usable gardening is the way to go … I’ve got lots to learn though so am really glad this course is offered free!!



    Hi there, I’m in Auckland, Mt Wellington. Have been an avid gardener for a few years and have been expanding my self sustainability skills by learning old school ways. The journey it’s taken me on has been much greater than I expected but hugely more rewarding as it resonates so perfectly.
    By talking and exploring I have finally found permaculture – it’s exactly what I need to put words to what my core values are.
    This course is fab, really looking forward to learning more and speaking with like-minded people.
    If anyone is in my area I would be keen to get together to discuss ideas, issues and work together to build momentum and get more people involved.



    Hi everyone, I live in Titirangi-West Auckland. I have a steep but decent sized section that I want to be covered in Food Forest so I need to get learning. I want it to be organic of course, produce as much food as possible and to nurture the environment. The previous owner removed most of the bush in the 1960s which is unfortunate but it does mean I can plant fruit trees and make vege gardens. I’m on a super tight budget-of almost zero, so I am keen for donations of everything and this course is a good start! I have built a raised vege bed, dug up some lawn for a vege patch and fenced a huge part of the section for my chooks. Now I need to decide where the fruit trees are going and get them started. I want figs, plums-several varieties, apples, avocado, lemons, lime, orange, bay, feijoa, peach for starters. And my neighbour is raising a babaco for me-yum. I also want kowhai, kakabeak and some other trees that the tui and kereru might like. I would also like to get bee hives. Lots of ambition-now for some knowledge…
    I would love to know what others are doing.



    Hey, sounds like an awesome starting point!

    After learning a bit more I’ve put loads of effort into creating my soil and a good environment for all the little greeblies that are so much more important than I ever imagined. I’ve been working on fruit trees and perennials too playing around with cuttings and propagating from seed. Also have an amazing seed stockist that’s only $2 a packet and all organic non gmo and mostly heirloom if you want that. Happy to share knowledge and resources! [email protected]



    Kiaora tatou!
    We’ve just landed back in NZ (Ellerslie arm) after a bit of a stint in Sydney.
    First time living in Auckland, so catching our breath. But keen to tee up with some local ‘permies’, finish off this PDC and get my hands dirty.
    Any local wisdom, intel, seed sharing, perma-blitz news etc gratefully accepted. Will post up any tidbits I uncover…
    Mauriora! Marisa 😀



    Hi from Ellerslie, Auckland
    My long term goal to move back on to a farm so currently I am learning everything I can for future goals. Great to find this free course to help me along the way!!!
    Hope to be able to also help others by learning permaculture.

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