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    I just bought 12+ acres in the Fence Lake area, and will be moving up there (about 7500′ elevation) May 2015. I lived in the AZ mountains for a good many years, and learned well how to work soil at the higher elevations. However, my property is about 2000′ higher than where I lived in AZ, so a shorter growing season will be an issue I’ll need to work around.

    I’m taking this course because I want to develop my property in a healthful manner that reflects a more natural, earth friendly approach that also takes into consideration the area in which I’ll be living and…hmmm…limitations (thinking most particularly of the lack of rain up there). Ultimately, I’m shooting for self-sufficiency…water catchment systems (though I will have a solar well) for my gardens/small orchard/etc…chickens…possibly a mini-Jersey milk cow…a 560 sq ft cabin…personal, and small scale living. I’m not out to create a business off my property, just a comfortable, self-sustained lifestyle that respects, nourishes and replenishes the land.



    Heya Lucinda!
    I am Rain, I seem to be the closest to you here in NM. I am over in Pie Town. I would enjoy making contact to compare notes and ideas on permaculture.



    I lived at Bluewater Lake (the Thorough side) for about five years, so I know where Fence Lake is located. You’re definitely in the storm track but I never saw much water in Fence Lake. I think you will revolutionize that area with permaculture design. I am in Farmington, by the way, please stay in touch, I would love to see your place as it develops when I visit friends and relatives at Bluewater Lake.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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