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    Hi all!

    My husband, son and I are just north of Austin. We’ve got 3 raised beds … 20 chickens or so, a small riding stable. a couple water collectors behind the barn.

    We flail around a bit!

    I’d like to stop doing that. 🙂

    I’m excited to see what all is in store!




    O my! I’m a 3 eyed blob with horns! These pics are hilarious!



    Hi (semi)neighbor! I am right outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and we sound very similar. I have several horses of my own and just got eight chickens, who are absolutely delightful.
    My husband and I have just begun the process of turning our backyard into a food forest. We planted a variety of berries and fruit trees. And like you, I would like us to not flail around (or at least not flail so much:))




    I see you were up early! I was sitting here thinking I had a ton of time and then realized the sun was up and I hadn’t fed (ack!)
    That sounds delightful about your back yard. I would love to have fruit trees and berries.
    We are in a clay soil that is from limestone. There are some nuts and peaches that do good here. Also figs and pomegranate. I planted figs one year and the horses promptly ate them! (the whole plant)
    There is a wild rose/berry type plant that does well but I’m not exactly sure what it is. In any event, raspberries and blackberries might do ok here.

    I was able to listen to some of the first introduction and can’t wait to listen to more.
    For the past few years I’ve had this nagging feeling that I needed to find the places on the property where the plants would naturally put themselves – like not confine them to the raised beds.
    It occurs to me that this course might help with that – ?

    Also – sometimes the chickens drive me a little nuts. they like to get in the flower beds. (And I have a dog that prunes everything!!!!) How do you keep your chickens?



    I keep my chickens in a coop with attached an attached run. My area has a lot of hawks, and unfortunately the relentless march of progress continues cutting the wild lands and forests around us, so we have been overrun with fox, coyotes, and raccoons.



    Hi Lynn, I love what you wrote – “we flail around a bit. I’d like to stop doing that.” That’s hilarious. It’s all of us, but not everyone’s that honest! Good for you. We flail around on 1/2 acre in a little seaside town in South Australia. Have been interested in permaculture for over 20 years but there’s always a new challenge. We have a Mediterranean climate and grow figs, citrus, pomegranates, olives, stone fruit etc. pretty easily. It’s too hot here for berries. Have alkaline rocky ‘soil'(if that’s what you call it!) that we pump up with aged cow manure, chicken manure and slashed greens. Also need to add rock dust to get a good balance of minerals. All the best,



    Chairity, we are having the same problem! last week a coyote was in our back yard – not a good sign.
    The hawks tend to migrate through, the raccoons we ‘dispatch.’ Our birds all roost in the trees, so keeping them in a run wasn’t working. 🙁

    Wendy –
    your environ sounds strangely like mine!
    we’re on a fault line. To the east is the black land prairie and to the west is the hill country. We have both on the property. I’m still getting through the intro, so haven’t gotten to a section on amendments and such, but am glad to hear it’s part of it.
    What grows naturally around here are buffalo squash and mustang grapes – a limited diet for sure! (o – we do have plums and sumac, also goldenrod… I suppose the list is a little bit longer… but if I was living on foraged food, I think I’d be … well, able to fit into the skinny jeans anyway!)

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