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    Salaam Alikom (which is peace to you all in Arabic),

    My name is Anas, male name, from Kuwait. I couldn’t find my country among the listed so I thought of alining myself with our friendly neighbor. Originally I was trained as a physiotherapist, whome I am for the last few years, but I was always interested in topic of self-suffeciency and sustainability until last week I got to explore the life of permaculture by chance. I was searching for such a wholistic view of life ever since I was in high school and was always sure that one day I will get to practice this dream of mine of balanced benefits without negatively affecting nature. It was always a concern of mine how we are treating our ecosystem in our GCC region so I instently got hooked and keen in permaculture. I hope to get maximum benefits from this by implementing the teachings to the city life that we are living in now, and give me enough push and knowledge to build my own commercial permaculture land to offer my people a good example on a better lifestyle even in our dry climate.

    I deeply thank this community for offering this great chance to make all this happen and available to anyone that wish to learn

    Thank you from my heart



    Wa aleikum salaam ya Anas, and greetings to everyone else in the GCC.

    I am newly moved to Qatar and also looking to find people in the area who are doing permaculture, or even if they are interested in it. There is certainly no lack of opportunity here. Let’s work together.




    Salaams and hello to you!
    There are a few people who are interested in Permaculture here in Qatar and we are trying to put it into practise. There is good arid lands Permaculture training available with Geoff Lawson and his wife Nadia in Jordon. Soon we hope to be arranging a hands on training course, mainly for those working in the garden, but it will probably be over several weekends, to be taught by one person at least who was trained by Geoff Lawson. We are Dr Anna Grichting Solder of Qatar University’s Architecture and Urban Planning Department, Luzita Ball a PhD student researching Permaculture, and Paige Tantillio, a Master Gardener and Permaculture practitioner. Paige has put permaculture into pracice in her garden, on her roof and in her compound. I, Luzita, having practised aspects of Permaculture for many years in my own gardens in the UK, with the encouragement of Dr Anna, have been starting last year to make an experimental and educational Permaculture garden at Qatar University. However we need funding and help. We are now preparing a budget in order to apply for some sponsorship, and are trying to form a steering committee with other people interested in getting involved. There are one or two other people here who have heard of and are interested in Permaculture, but one may have left for good (John Tait is his name). I gave some lectures introducing Permaculture to Architecture and Urban Planning Students last year, as part of my job at that time as Graduate Teaching Assistant. Please get in touch!
    Salaams and best wishes from Luzita



    Salam Alaykoum everybody,
    I will be on Qatar January 2017, I Have some experiences with Community Garden, can you contact me on : [email protected].

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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