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    Good afternoon! Just starting this program today, and enjoying the DVD’s. Hope to connect with folks in the area to maybe collaborate on studying and implementing these concepts here in NM. All you Taosenos if you wanted to connect and talk permaculture, please let me know.
    Robin Cunningham
    Wholistic Alternatives



    Morning Robin, I am just starting to dig into the course as well. Although I live in Farmington, your call for local networking is a great start for the class. Hopefully there will be others in Farmington I will bump into as I go through the forum, and we will all meet and greet as a state wide and regional force for change. Looking forward to the class and interaction with all interested in permaculture.



    Hi Robin! Just learning about the beautiful and amazing world of permaculture and would love your insight in implementing the principals into my land. I actually live in California but have some ancestrial land in Rinconada 2.4 acres that we just cleared of old elms, dead apple trees and weeds. We chipped a lot of it and put it back on the soil. The land is now clear, but with the weather getting better, I fear it will be covered in weeds again soon. It has great potential as it has water irrigation rights (a valve) and is butting up to the rio grande river. I would like to make this a productive orchard/edible garden as I would eventually like to move to the area and help others do the same in the Rinconada valley and beyond. Possibly indian reservations that are not blessed with the water irrigation rights that I have. I have lots of questions! The biggest one being, we are in a slight slope and when irrigated the water never reaches all the way to the end of the property, should I put in a pond to capture the water and hold it where it stops so it can soak into the ground enabling the land below it and eventually the trees I put in to get its water that way? or should I just keep putting in ditches and hope it reaches the end like that? I am at the point where I have to make these decisions as we will be there next week putting in trees that will be delivered. Help! Would love some input. Please email me for my contact phone number, [email protected]. Any help, from anyone would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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