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    any ideas?



    What I do with my brambles, is run them through my chipper and then use them on top of other mulch as I would any wood chips.



    I assume you’re talking about blackberries. I just mow them, drop the contents of the catcher on a bit of level ground and then mow them a second time. They’re then fine to use anywhere for sheet mulching. My chipper puts out lots of pieces several inches long, still with thorns , so I then use the mower on that – but only use the chipper when there are a lot of twigs too thick for the mower, mixed with the blackberries.



    I haven’t tried this yet (http://www.permaculture.co.uk/articles/many-benefits-hugelkultur) but was planning on useing it for fallen limbs in my garden (not having a wood chipper).



    Hi Elizbeth,

    Seep Holzer is an expert on Hugelkultur you can get his book and complete details on it at: http://amzn.to/1hGvB5x We have a few Hugelkultur beds on our homestead and they are working GREAT!




    I through a few brambles into my hugelkulture beds in the fall. In fact, I’ve been used to sheet mulching, but got tired of bringing new biomass every year–so I made kind of mini-hugelkulture beds with the wood clippings/scraps I had. I then just topped it off with plenty of leaves, grass clippings and a bit of dirt. I’m hoping to plant them soon, but I see no reason not to put brambles in there–I mean, if whole logs will decompose and can be beneficial, then brambles should be no problem. I just tried to bury mine down far enough so I won’t be constantly poking myself when I do new plantings. . .



    I prepare fertilizer plants on the concrete floor to put the soil type grasses think about shutting down. Can I now planting on. I can do a year later sowing. Thank you.



    thanks for the ideas!



    Another thing to think about is controlling the brambles to start with. Blackberries are biennials. The first year canes don’t fruit until the next year. And those that are more than two years old don’t fruit as well. You can cut back the second year canes that already fruited every year and that keeps your black berries fruiting maximally and keeps them from becoming a brambled mess. Those second year canes that you cut back can be cut up or mowed over a couple of times, and used in the bottom of your hugelculture beds as suggested above.



    What I do with sticks and woody trimmings is take the time to cut them into 4-6″ pieces and layer them in the compost with grass clippings and compost accelerators ( you can buy organic accelerators or use nettles, comfrey, etc.) Keep the compost moist, be sure you have lots of worms.



    i put mine in the bottom of my vegetable bed as the people suggested above. it has worked great. the soil is well aerated, stays moist and my squash has done really well, i was even able to bring it back from a blight that effected the entire area.



    I have a 10′ wide chicken run into which I throw all compostables to be “pre-treated” by my chickens. I keep an 8′-20′ covering of organic material in the run at all times. I have found that I can add branches and other “stalky-type” material (berry canes, Canada thistles, burdock, sunflower stalks, etc.) to the run and they will break down pretty rapidly.

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