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    Why this people cult in this permaculture scene? This guru people use age old indigenious cultural methods but give no credit!
    This violation of Intellectual and Cultural Property is not social nor does this help the society – it just for profit and ego of the guru.


    Jamie Cox

    I have often seen methods linked back to the native cultures that the information was gleaned from, whether they be Native American, Aboriginal or some other group who retained their deep cultural knowledge. I am not a fan of Intellectual property in general, and I think that is the problem you are talking about… the “guru” is most likely the first “westerner” to wright about it, so it becomes their intellectual property legally speaking. Cultures don’t have “intellectual property” only individuals, cultural knowledge would generally be in the commons.

    Being how important this is, I am not a fan of the use of intellectual property rights and more so believe in fair use. I understand people wanting the credit for the work they have put in to rediscover these things for our modern culture, but I am highly disgusted by people who seem to try and spirit away this information to milk people for money While claiming the information is the main thing needed to save the world from total devistation (Geoff Lawton *cough* *cough*). Have some project that really needs the funding? Why not get donations. As many people there are who feel passionately about permaculture, but may not have the land to get started themselves, I’m sure you could pay for whatever you need to get done easily.



    I agree with you Jamie. As far as I see, Intellect has no property and all cultures have the right to use good ideas no matter where they came from.

    The biggest problem with intellectual property rights as created by the capitalist societies and governments, is that it feeds the ego of people thinking they own some information and greedily deserve something in exchange for it. It also causes patents which mean you can’t use information without a paying for a license. This was originally created to stimulate the economy by encouraging inventors to invent, but in this day in age has the reverse effect of slowing our evolution by withholding valuable technologies from the rest of humanity.

    The hundredth monkey principle shows that an idea in the collective conscious belongs to us all, not just the first person to get to the patent office to register it. Open Source appropriate technologies are changing this idea to make inventions and ideas easy for others to build upon and improve as a group for the benefit of anyone who has the passion to put the technologies to use.

    In a traditional culture, if a member of the tribe were to come up with a good idea, I really doubt that anyone would reward this member with anything more than gratitude for coming up with a good idea which benefits the rest. If we all start thinking only for ourselves then we won’t get very far, but if we think communally and share our successes and ideas then we will all grow together.

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