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    Hello from Canada,
    After general science study, I tried architecture (cause I’ve like to get optimal design for many years) but the focus was on the appearance and my interest was on utility and landscape design. Therefore, I tried civil engineering to get more capital knowledge, the environnemental engineering seems like a good way to help a planet in crisis.
    Permaculture is a vast science that enables us to work with nature insted of against it.
    The green revolution as killed most of the soil’s lifeform and I wish more farmer would make sustainables choices while planning their farm.
    My ideal home would have solar panel, aquaponic greenhouse, useful animals and insects (chicken, bees, pork and horse maybe) edible forest and a biomethanisator with wood chips pile to heat it and heat water and/or composting toilet. The model of the ideal home is greatly influence by earthship biotechture and require a southfaced slope.
    Thanks to all who co-financed this course and to all the staff of the renerative leadership institute.


    Participant will introduce me best.
    meanwhile we have an expericmental educational farm in panama to show the locals LAZY ways to produce lots of healthy food.



    Hello Y’all! We’re in Central Texas, east of Austin. Sold the house, got rid of tons of stuff, now, finally headed toward off-grid living. Looking for small acreage to buy with savings while living in our 5th wheel and working part time to pay for monthly expenses. We’ve been studying up for many years as we made our way to this point- freedom to move to rural land and all the other details ironed out so we could. We are excited to be able to do this online course and to be part of a global community of like minds. How beautiful can it get? Thank you, to all of you putting the work into this.

    In Peace, Joy and Love to all,
    Kim and Tom



    Hello from Seattle! I just learned about permaculture last summer (and it has quickly become the focus of my masters degree in ecopsychology). This summer I will be working on a cooperatively-owned organic farm in Ecuador (, and I hope to learn even more about the relationship that other cultures have with nature/food, and I may learn less known perm.-type farming styles. I haven’t started this course, because I’m signed up for a 10-week PDC through Oregon State Univ., but I’m contemplating dropping that course for this one….. decisions….. 🙂



    Greetings from Northern California, USA
    I really appreciate your providing this course. I’ve had permaculture on the back burner of my mind for over a decade, since almost moving onto a permaculture farm in HI when I first moved there. My work was done using computers, and the property had no AC current that I could use for my work, so I passed then, but have long hoped for other opportunities that would fit into other parts of my life. Now I finally own a home in CA with enough land to grow more food than I can eat and have started doing organic gardening. I am looking forward to learning things in this course that will allow me to go beyond organic gardening and finally get the chance to be a part of the permaculture healing of our planet. Thanks again for sharing this with us all.



    Hi, my name is Gaspare i,m from Sicily (ITALY) and I’m an agricultural engineer. Since I start working as a self-employed I felt something wrong in agricultural systems and their efficiency, after ten years (a lot …) I open my eyes thanks to some books of shiva and fukuoka and then I’va arrived through synergic gardens to pemacuture. Thank you very much for the opporunity of the free course, culture have to be free as seeds as nature and water. Thak you very much.



    Richard Gorny

    Greetings from Poland!
    I have found out about your course on forums, where someone has recommended it. I work full time in a city, but I spend my free time on my 8 acres of land, trying to learn gardening, forrestry and to establish food forest in a future. I strongly believe that permaculture is the way to go, we need to become more self sufficient and focus on sustainable resources. Thank you very much for the free course and for sharing the knowledge!



    I am Kelley in Oklahoma City. My background is in economics. Like Gaspare, who noticed things that are wrong in agriculture, after some years, I became convinced that mainstream economics is overlooking some tremendous problems.
    I am looking forward to learning with and meeting others.



    Hello, I am Kelly from S. California. Last summer we decided to turn our 16 acres into a mini ranch. So going off of cattle per acre information for a more rainy area – I bought more cattle than our land could support. In my effort to be able to be able to feed them I started experimenting with growing fodder. In my research for ways to support them I came across Permaculture, It looks like an amazing way to improve our property and feed the family and animals. I am SLOWLY working my way through the course and so thankful for all I am learning.



    Per the Regenerative Leadership Institute (R.L.I.) email,

    “Visit the forum, post a new thread introducing yourself (be sure to tell us what got you interested in permaculture and how you found out about the online course) for a chance to win our new Permaculture Fundamentals e-book, a $35 value, free.”

    I’ve posted my response below.

    My name is Justin Jameson. I’m 30 years old and live in the Ottawa Kansas area in the United States of America (U.S.A.). My interest in permaculture really formed in my early childhood because I spent nearly all my time outdoors. Of course, at the time I didn’t know what my interest would be called. When I graduated from high school and took a trip to China then returned to the U.S.A. I began to realize that something (perhaps many things) was wrong with our culture. The wastefulness, the self centered behaviors, and the lack of personal responsibility began to become apparent and irritating to me. After I married the girl of my dreams we took up many different hobbies trying to find things we both enjoy doing together and stumbled onto gardening. Gardening led us to hydroponic systems and systems/layer stacking. Those, in turn, led us to Permaculture Design, Bill Mollison, and Geoff Lawton. Now my wife and I have watched many of the permaculture design videos and have implemented many of the concepts in the Permaculture Design Manual but are anxious to learn more and help others learn such a rewarding and sustainable way of doing things. I look forward to learning with you all.

    Justin Jameson
    Reject Passivity
    Accept Responsibility
    Lead Courageously
    and Expect the Greater Reward



    Greetings All. My name is Betty Montgomery. I’ve been wanting to take a PDC almost ever since I found out about the concept of Permaculture. Unfortunately (from some angles) I already own land with a few animals that require care. Yes i do have friends that could take over for me but I would not be comfortable doing that. Also I live in a rural part of N.E. Texas far enough away from the big cities of Dallas and Ft. Worth that It is far too expensive in time and fossil fuels for me to drive back and forth. Not to mention the cost of the PDC (whenever one is offered which is rarely it seems).
    This on line course seems to solve the financial and carbon costs, not to mention that I wouldn’t have to go nuts trying to drive in or through Dallas or Ft. Worth! (My jaws hurt just thinking of it!) However I am also quite aware of the old saying that “You get what you pay for” became an old saying because it is so often true. I am hoping that will not be the case here as I am of the opinion that a knowledge of Permaculture is something that must be widely spread as soon as possible.
    I bought and moved on to about 15 acres of land in the small (tiny?) town of Lone Oak, Texas several years ago. At that time I had not heard of Permaculture but was already well on the way to being a “tree hugger”
    and wanted land that I could keep my horse on along with maybe a few other critters like chickens or cows.
    I had to do some rather creative financing to get the property and it took me nearly fourteen to fifteen years to pay it off. During that time and now it always seemed that if I had the time to work on my land, I didn’t have the money for it or if I did have the money then I was too busy working to do anything. It is only after I became disabled and unable to work that I found out about Permaculture. In the meantime my land has suffered greatly from my inexperience and ignorance. I was quite lucky to pay off my mortgage at about the same time I became disabled. However, there are many problems with my property that I will just have to “design around’ for at least a while. Another problem is that I AM disabled. I am also not quite a spring chicken. I am hoping that this course will lead me to idea’s and methods that will allow me to make my land into the oasis it can be. I would love for it to eventually become a sort of Permaculture Center for the N. E. Texas bio-region. A place where others can come and learn what generally works well in this area.
    Grand plans I know. But there they are.



    Hello from Ecuador!
    I am Austrian living and working in Ecuador. I heard about Permaculture when I started to investigate on how to build sustainable houses for a local social project. Now we are finishing the buildings and want to start gardening … It is all very interesting an new to me. So, thank you so much for sharing all this information with us – it s great!



    Marion! I am going to be living/working on a sustainable farm in Ecuador this summer. I’d love to talk!! -Kim …



    Hi everyone my name is charlie, I live near cassville missouri. Moved here ~7 years ago, partly do to being inspired by a book by rob roy titled “morgage free”. by accident just over a year ago while on youtube. i was searching “monotheisim”, and i found what i was looking for, a true connection, Permaculture? yep! care for the earth, care for the people, return the excess, no relgion can discount that. Its all about the love man!
    Three years ago my wife,two kids now 3 and 13 and i bought 12 acres, designed and built a 635 sq.ft. home, are main sorce of water is rain catchment, we use a saw dust compost toilet set-up, we have 2 dogs, two cats, chickens, and a pet cow that loves to be brushed daily,
    thanks to everyone involved in making permaculture more avalible. This web site is great for home schooler’s



    Hello From Maine. I’m 37 years old and very new to permaculture. I heard about your class from The Survival Podcast(not a tin foil hat show, I thought so when I first heard of it too). Jack mentioned this class on one of his shows so I came over to check it out. I have done a few lessons and have really enjoyed it. I really wanted to take a PDC but I couldn’t swing the money right now or have the ability to get away to do one, this fits in perfect free and when I can squeeze out an hour of quite time to listen to the lectures. This seems to be a great community and I am looking forward to learning more about permaculture. Thank you all.

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