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    Howdy folks,
    I’m a Canadian who has been living in the Philippines for the last four years. Although only 28, last year I retired and set up a permaculture farm in Palawan, the frontier edge of the country. True to permaculture principles, I used utorrent to download a full permaculture course offered by Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton, and gave myself my own PDC. The missing link from self-guided learning, however, is community engagement, so here I am.

    I look forward to engaging with others in tropical countries, especially south-east Asia.




    Hello Nick and welcome to the Online Permaculture Design Course!

    I am really thrilled that you have chosen to join us for this world-changing program. With many tens of thousands of enrolled students, this is the world’s largest permaculture education course, and we’re really quite excited to share this knowledge with you.

    I want to take a moment to let you know about a few options that can help you get the most out of your learning experience with us:

    – Our instructors answer questions on these forums, and we generally really encourage you to participate in the forums as much as you can, as it will really help you engage with this material in the best possible way. You are encouraged to post any questions you may have about the lectures or general permaculture questions.

    – The course itself is offered completely free of charge (no catch, no gotcha, nothing). We also offer the same material on DVD (so you can watch it on your television) and you can purchase the DVD sets @ http://www.regenerative.com/dvd

    – We do offer the internationally-standard Permaculture Design Certificate as an option with this course. The certificate program includes an experiential design project and examination; the design project can be for virtually any topic, including your own property. You can learn more about the certification @ http://www.regenerative.com/certificate

    If you agree that the knowledge we offer in these lectures is worthwhile, we encourage you to support the continued development of this program by purchasing the DVD sets and the certification. The DVD sets also make truly gifts for friends and loved ones, and are a great way to introduce other people to permaculture (consider donating a set of DVDs to your local library!).

    Again, welcome on-board. I encourage you to take a moment to post on the other forums. If you have any questions, please post them in the Technical Questions or the Q&A forums (/forums). On behalf of our entire team, we hope that you enjoy this program and look forward to seeing you take this knowledge into the wild!



    Hey there Nick. I had to laugh when I read your post because I downloaded the same PDC from utorrent haha. Anyway, Im Chris, 32, from the US. I’ve been interested in Permaculture for years and spent time volunteering on some farms back in the US. Anyway, I’m in Dumaguete now, and I’d love to check out your farm sometime. I’m also looking for community, and have considered starting a farm somewhere here in the Phils. Where is your farm? Send me an email when you get a chance…. I have a feeling we have a lot in common



    Hi Chris and Nick!

    I´m exploring the same thoughts about starting a permaculture farm and found this post. Did you guys get in touch? Me and my girlfriend are visiting the phillipines next January (2016) and if possible we´d love to visit and check out some permaculture establishments. Hope to hear from you 🙂




    Hey Chris, no I havent heard back from Nick yet. Keep in touch because it would be great to meet up if you make it out here next year! I’m [email protected] or cpbrous on skype



    Hey Nick, I got a question i realy like to buy a land in Philippines nearby Dumaguete. I like to make my own fruit en vegables, if i’ m gone life over there i realy don’t want to buy food. So i need also some gaot, chickens en cows. I like to make a few nipa houses so people that are on vaccation can sleep over there. But now my question i don’t now how much land i need to support my self in al of this. maby you, or someone els now’s that.

    Greetings from the Netherlands



    Are you in Dumaguete now? Where are you looking at land? I’m in Duma if you want to meet up sometime to talk about it.



    No im not im Phils now we hope to go next year to the phils. I saw this land for sale http://www.islandsproperties.com/properties/treefarms-agri/negor-san-ag-3932/index.htm It looks nice. But i think if we have 1000m2 it is not enough better to have minimum of 2000 m2. When i am there againe i like to talk about it, but we want to buy a land first when whe go there.



    We are in Bohol, PH, I moved here 7 years ago from the states. Our initial purchase was 1034 sq meters, which actually is quite enough for a small family growing vegetables, in fact, we always have surplus, and we are new at it! We now have more land, but only focus on that zone 1 and are slowly beginning to work on the remaining 2+ hectares. We are on a ridge, the 1034 sq meters is the only relatively flat area. We do have bananas on 2 sides of our ridge, a third side is wild and does have a cliff which puts a severe limit on upgrading that area. The other areas were mostly pastures that were overpopulated with cows for decades and are nutrient starved, which is why we are slowly working to correct that. Back to the 1034 sq meters: we have been traditionally gardening there, but a small part of it we are beginning to move toward permaculture. We are fortunate in that this was jungle 5 years ago, we cleared it, and found that within 70 years of memory, no one was ever on that piece of land, as it was deemed dangerous, full of spirits and snakes. For adding livestock, I think the goal of 2k sq meters would be good, as long as there isn’t too many animals!


    I am a Peace Corps Volunteer working in Eastern Samar for the next 6 months. I’ve decided to work with a local orphanage as one of my projects. They have, what I believe, to be about 5 hectares that include bunk houses, a kitchen and a lot of open space. I’d like to work with them on permaculture principles and while I have some knowledge, its limited. The site houses 18 kids and there about 8 staff members. We are in Hernani, Eastern Samar.

    I’d like to find someone willing to train us, or someone’s farm we may visit. The organization is funded by a Norwegian church group and I may have access to some grant funds to help us with expenses. I look forward to anyone’s thoughts on how we might pull off this project.

    Jason Mackenzie
    PCRV Hernani, Eastern Samar



    The best I can do is recommend doing research on tropical permaculture
    online. There is plenty of info on youtube, but I realize that access to
    internet there might be difficult. Do you have any resources? Any PDF’s or
    anything? I could find some here and send you PDFs by email if you want
    since they are not large files, you shouldnt have much issue downloading
    them. What is your email address? Also, if you do have fast enough internet
    for streaming, or to download, I can give you access to PLENTY of info.
    Otherwise hopefully someone on here also can give you some ideas of
    companion plants that work well together in the philippines. That would at
    least be a good start I’d say.

    On Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 8:05 PM, mackenziepropertiesllc wrote:


    Thank you. Pdf’s would be wonderful. I work off a mobile hotspot which can get pricey and is super slow so my email is: [email protected]

    Anything you can send would be greatly appreciated.

    Jason Mackenzie



    @pangas.ponkai thanks for your info better we save some extra money to buy a bigger land.
    Did you imigrate to phil when you went with pension? I’m still 34 yrs with 2 little children so im still very doubtfull if it is good for them.
    At one side i think it is the best because you learn to life with nature and your almost independend of our created system where we have to work until we die to pay bills and bills and bills and bills.
    At the other side the hospilisation is not so good and you still have to pay for insurances, but as you eat well you wont get sick fast.
    And the schooling for my children according my wife it is not so good as here, but i have to investegate that one. There are a lot of questions in my head hopefully you can help me with that because you life overthere right now. Thanks

    Greetings Corné Voerman



    Hi everyone, I am Belle, a registered health professional but is also farming in our small farmland in Mindanao.

    Well, I have been farming for quite sometime now and being a female who is into farming can be very challenging –technically and culturally. My latest integration into our “still messy” farm is the Philippine native bees (stingless and other types) since I found out that they are natural residents in our backyard and farmlot. And the fact that I get my starter bee colony at no cost –very frugal farmer you may say.

    I’ve had unaccounted learnings and losses in farming for years already that at times I’d pray for “miraculous solutions” to the increasing cost of farm inputs. But I came across this “permaculture system” that seems to give some answers to some baffling question on environment & health issues which are intimately interrelated –more diseases are linked to chemicals and pollutants. I still have so much to do and to learn from farming practices and hope we can exchange practical knowledge from around here.

    Nice to “cyberly” meet all of you. I’m honored to be with well-intentioned communities like this.



    Hi everyone, I am from the Philippines too but currently working in Singapore. I might retire in 4-6 years and I’ve just taken interest on permaculture. I do have a 750sqm lot where I will be building my retirement house and want to use at least 600sqm on farming. I am convinced that permaculture is the way to go for me.

    I am interested to know if there are courses in the Philippines being offered on Permaculture? I can send my brother to learn (maybe cheaper than paying P25k to an organic farmer who can plan my small farm;). Will appreciate any suggestion, tips, links, pdf files. My email address is [email protected]


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