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    Want to take part in unique learning experience ?

    It’s our belief that the demand for locally produced, biologically cultivated food is on the increase, as is a general desire to promote and preserve biodiversity. As far as we understand, small scale biologically cultivated polyculture gardens seem a practical, accessible and realistic way of providing food for humans whilst preserving and promoting biological diversity in the environment. With what appears to us to be a high demand and low supply situation, why are there not more of these enterprises around? To shed some light on this issue we will be undertaking a multi-year study looking at the economics of running such a garden and how productive it can be in terms of yields, income and biodiversity.

    Spring 2015 we begin and are offering an educational experience with a difference. Last year, we conducted a study at our residential site to gauge just how productive a biological polyculture can be. Read more here
    We are expanding upon this further in 2015, and are looking for a team of enthusiastic people to participate. We are focusing on the same topic – Productive polycultures, with an emphasis on market garden development,

    Our Goals for this Study
    To provide a unique and comprehensive learning experience to the participants of the programme
    To undertake a detailed study of our activity providing a valuable reference for anyone considering to develop a productive ecological enterprise
    To provide a template for further research that can be used by other interested parties
    To develop a functional market garden that is both productive and beneficial to wildlife.

    To find out more about how to take part click link below.


    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Balkep Team

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