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    Marigold Harrower

    Hi People

    We live next to the road and the noise gets to me. Already have tall olive trees, dont think they will be blocking much noise. Was thinking of doing a edible hedge Feijioa along the fence line and mabe grape or passion fruit over the fence just before the road there is a ditch or drain owned by the council and was thinking of planting fairy bamboo on the side closest to the road. Long term thinking of catching water run off from the road so dont know if an earth mond is a good idea. I have herd its a good sound barrier and alot cheaper than trying to source rocks for a rock wall . Any thoughts?



    Hi Marigold,

    If I were you and have the resources I would put in a Earth-Bank for noise reduction. Many of your other suggestion sound doable as well.



    Larry Korn

    Hey Marigold,
    Sound reduction is usually about growing a thick hedge of some kind. You have to plant the right type of hedge, which is one that is suitable to your area, is easy to grow, and doesn’t take a lot of maintenance. It’s a plus if it flowers, produces food for people or pollinators, birds and provides habitat for other creatures. If it’s windy, you need to consider leaving some spaces for some of the wind to get through so it isn’t a wall, but a screen. An earth bank, as Abdl mentioned is a good idea since the earth blocks some of the sound by itself, and also allows your plantings to gain a few extra feet right at the time of planting. Remember, if it grows fast, it will be more maintenance to keep it under control. Slow and steady, and not fussy is usually the ticket.
    ~Larry Korn


    A. Mark

    part of my property is very noisy. we plan to put in earth berms to reduce the noise from traffic. more specifically they will be very tall hugelkultur beds, the kind sepp holzer builds. check out this video by paul wheaton.

    you can of course trying planting a thick woody hedge, but earth is a far better sound barrier



    I live by a road that has heavy traffic only during rush hours. I built a berm across the front along the road and planted it thickly but the noise continued to bother me. My best solution was to add a stream. The noise from the waterfall covers most of the traffic noise. There are solar powered pumps on the market now so if you have some sun you don’t need to run electric. Even a small fountain or pondless waterfall would create soothing sounds of water that mask the traffic. Water sources are beneficial to the local wildlife and moving water is not attractive to mosquitos.



    One of the ways to block the outside noise is to use noise barriers like these. They are generally used at construction sites or road repairs, so they are designed for outside environment. The barrier can be made permanent and be very durable if reinforced with plywood or wire fencing. You can put it up quickly, as there isn’t much initial work besides assembling a simple metal frame and then attaching the barriers to it. Their industrial grade quality of the barriers will ensure a very good soundproofing.

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