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    Anyone have any experience in creating Oak guilds? What type of plants and/or fungi to use and where. It’s a big tree so I imagine a lot of species can exist at different places (pending shade, soil depth, wind/rain exposure, etc.) at different times…

    Anyone have any experience with this?



    Hey Slim,

    First it depends what country and zone you are in. However, Red raspberry bushes, thyme, and a variety of flowers do well but it depends on your zone. Hope this helpd.





    Hey! Thanks! I didn’t even get to reading this till now, but I did plant raspberry bushes where a stand of privet (invasive in Georgia) had been the season prior just at the edge of the drip line of the Oak. Needless to say the raspberries took off! I stuck with acid-soil lovers since Oaks and Pines grow together naturally here in Georgia (USDA Zone 8), so Iv’e also trained the kudzu (N-fixer) that remained on a fence (to keep it off plants) and introduced blueberries and peanuts (by accident! but another N-fixer)) to the guild as well. Everything seems to be doing good with minimal input.

    Great idea and I’ll trial thyme as well!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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