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    We have three old bathtubs on our property. I thought of using them as small ponds but the sides are too slick and steep. Does anyone thinks they would be put to good use as sunken garden beds in our somewhat arid climate?



    Bathtubs really do make fantastic greywater filtration systems.



    Probably want to check out whether the bathtub finish contains lead that could leach into the water. If so, I wouldn’t use it, even for non-potable water, because that water will go into the soil. Many of the older porcelain ones have very high lead content, according to my on-line research when I was looking into refurbishing an old tub for my home remodeling project.



    I use one as a raised bed in the middle of my small fenced garden. I use it to start seeds and it makes it easy to transplant seedlings because it is high off the ground so I can cultivate it easily…



    Geoff Lawton has a video showing a bathtub used as a worm compost bed.



    Greywater, earthworms, garden bed are all great ideas plus I have one that I use as a fish pond for my grandchildren to enjoy. lots of sand, gravel and rocks layer the bottom.



    We have a bathtub as a duck pond at our farm in Brooklyn, nyc. When we drain the water and clean the pond, it flows into a raingarden type spot and fertilizes the plants.

    When we first began using it, it actually worked as a rat trap at night and drowned quite a few. But after the first chicken death we added a submerged ramp. It’s no longer a rat trap, but it continues to work really nicely for the ducks. Chickens occasionally still fall in trying to drink water but they can climb out now.

    Is it possible to post images?

    Also: no dice in the wintertime. That water will freeze and break the tub.



    I was thinking of applying some hugelculture principles and putting wood in the bottom. Anyone tried this?


    Colten Jackson

    You can link to images, like this (there’s a link button above the text input box. Highlight the words you want to add a link to, hit the link button and paste the web address of your image) makes uploading and copying the link to images very easy.



    If they are contaminated by lead, you could maybe use them to grow non-food items like insect-attracting plants. . . I would expect water to pool up nicely in there if you sunk them down.



    All our vegetable gardens are in old bathtubs to prevent rabbits from decimating the veggie crops – works well! Just ensure adequate drainage and fill with a good soil / compost.



    hi we had a bath tub and found a few problems – first water got sour very quickly and things drowned and dogs drank from it and so we introduced a net
    tried using a bramble screen to use the space (one of the members was very fond of the bath) and still discourage young people and dogs
    we looked into solar / alternative powered pump to aerate the water – but it was very expensive
    there is now an old tub in a different location, half filled with rocks and some compost. planted with reed and topped with gravel then filled slowly (so as not to disturb the soil below the gravel) with rain water – a year later this seems to have done well – no dogs are dead, no kids or mice drowned and there was a water source (which did dry up in the summer for a while and had to be topped up sadly with mains water because naughty imps ran off the rainwater tank) for the bees and birds ) Leaves and twigs were floated on the surface to provide landing zones – and the water more or less is clear – if it muddies it does settle and like i said the dog seems pretty much ok so am thinking is not too soured
    when the bath was in use, there were veg with chewed holes in leaves – could have been beetle, but after a few years and seeing some stuff, am wondering if it was birds (have seen pigeon and magpie pecking and making holes in the leaves) anyway there seemed to be strong connection with the bath tub and has eased off since the bath tub was emptied
    maybe the positioning was bad

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