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    I live in the liberal little city of Madison, Wisconsin. Here, it’s legal to have a natural yard if you fill out an application and then announce your plans to your neighbors – a system that was considered very progressive when the law was written in the 1970’s! In the interest of being a good citizen, I submitted my application right away after moving into a new house.

    That was over a year ago. I never heard back from the city about approval of my application or which neighbors I was supposed to notify. A few weeks ago, I got a notice ordering me to turn my happily transitioning yard back into turf grass.

    I immediately contacted the city to point out that I had submitted a natural yard application. They replied that they had misplaced it, but found it again and would process it.

    I still haven’t received feedback or a list of neighbors. The city just keeps ordering me to destroy what I’ve worked so hard on.

    The idea of natural yards started in Wisconsin and many people here are in favor of them. Please sign my petition to tell the city to stop enforcing laws like it’s still the 1970’s!

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