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    Looking for resources/ideas for building a permaculture garden for individuals that may have mobility issues or chronic illnesses that limit their ability to garden but want to garden and grow their own food.

    I am such an individual. I have had to put my “big” garden on hold until I can redesign the space to make it more accessible for me. I have switched to container gardens in the mean time. I want to get away from having to mow grass and have a edible landscaped yard.

    Here are the issues that I have to take into consideration: 1) it needs to produce enough food to feed my daughter, myself and share or produce small income; 2) low to no maintenance due to my unpredictable health issues; 3) be accessible for mobility devices – some days I need to use a cane or a rollator walker (kinda like a wheelchair), some days I need nothing.

    I attached my blog site for photo references: https://thelongbeautifulroad.wordpress.com/2016/10/20/but-i-want-it-now

    I wish you well,



    Hi Angi,
    I am from Slidell, Lousianna been doing permaculture about five years now at La Casa Verde Swamp Gardens (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt-cGYcibxWehsPPcYjksuo-WZD7FAGi8). I specifically built the garden so that I could keep doing it no matter how old and decrepit I became. Now I have severe arthritis in both wrists and I am so glad I did what I did when I did, finshed the last big planting bed two years ago. It started as annuals only but in the last two years I started converting it into a food forest. This year, I grew enough food to feed one person for 419 days and the cycle does not end till January 1st. That is done using only 1/20 of an acre via a kluge of permaculture techiques, square foot planning, trellising, succession planting and inter-planting. I can give you a lot of good advice on what to plant, how much to plant and when to plant..That is something I had to figure out on my own over five years. There is not much good information out there for our unique temperate-sub-tropical area. I also have seeds to share as I grow almost nothing that does not produce a salvageable crop of seeds for saving….and no hybrids…heirloom only.



    Hi Angi & David, I am just finishing up the Permaculture Design Course, and I too at the age of 69 spend a lot of time just keeping myself functional. I do have a lot of good solutions for dealing with the arthritis in my hands & knees. There are many good herbal remedies for arthritis. Maybe you know of these already: 1. http://www.purityproducts.com – H.A. Joint Formula. They have several others too. You can read their descriptions & pick the one best for you. 2. drwilliams.com – Joint Advantage Gold Products. Again pick the one that speaks the most to you or you can try each of them & see what works best. 3. Modere’s Liquid Biocell products work really well, but I recently stopped using them because they have switched from glass bottles to plastic. They are however, one of the best products on the market. Then you can make a study of the herbs in these products and grow some or many of them yourself. Best of luck to both of you. May we all grow old with Grace & Ease! [email protected]

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