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    Colten Jackson

    I’ve read in a few permaculture resources that its very important to identify all different aspects of your property – what receives shade at certain times of day, what’s protected from the wind and where water collects, etc.

    Well here in Illinois we’ve got a few feet of snow and a lot of wind gusts, and I’ve noticed that certain parts of my yard have had all the snow blown away so that you can see the grass, while 3 foot drifts occur in other parts of my yard.

    Can I use these observations to conclude that those bare patches are the parts of my yard most unprotected from wind? I suppose I can only judge that these parts of my yard received the blunt of the wind coming in from the North, whereas other times of the year the wind will come from different directions, right?

    I’m very new to observing weather patterns and the like, so please advise me on how I can make useful conclusions by watching the weather in my backyard!



    Hi Colten,
    I’m sorry that no one answered your question last year. Quick answer, which you probably know already, is that yes, if the wind has scoured part of your yard clear of snow, then that is a lot of wind in that one area. I would also add that the in addition to the seasons changing the direction of the wind, the presence of leafy vegetation in the summer can also buffer or change the pattern.
    I’ve been observing the weather in my yard for 8 years and discover something new every season.
    Don’t worry about making useful conclusions. Just observe. Keep in mind your goal and what you observe will inform your your design. Also, think in terms of the simplest leverage point to create the change you want. Or change what you want to take advantage of what you observe.
    Have fun!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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