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    Hello, I’ll post this in the ‘urban’ section too.

    Hello, (I’ve also posted this topic in ‘soils, plants etc’)

    I’ve posted before about what to do about an old concrete deck and we’ve realized it’s going to be quite difficult/expensive to remove. So then we began to wonder: what if we just accepted it, built up some large raised beds, perhaps self-wicking sorts with worm towers inside?

    We’ve always done sheet mulch over ‘lawn’ areas before but it’s true that the lawn (which honestly, is chock full of local invasives) keeps trying to get back into the sheet mulch beds. I’m thinking that I could just look at the deteriorating concrete slab as one hell of a weed barier and put some beds 30-50 cm deep–and if I can’t stand the look/feel of the concrete, I could perhaps even cover with a small layer or gravel which could also avoid puddles forming around the beds in rainfall. The slab is quite close to the house and conveniently near a downspout, so I could water with rainwater and even store rain water in wicking beds. And if I could grow most of our anuals there, it would free up some other areas in our yard for say, asparagus or raspberries which I’ve never found room for so far.

    But obviously it’s labor and material-intensive. Would I get a decent yield out of something like that?? Does anyone have first-hand experience? Were you happy with the results?



    I’ve seen it done. They had 24 inch high raised beds on a concrete slab. The beds were contained with non-mortared brick walls. I’m thinking they did lasagna beds in the brick walls. They had planted a mix of flowers and edibles.

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