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    I’m here to continue my education. I was raised with organic gardening in the midwest, and never actually heard the word ‘permaculture’ until I moved here and went to SFCC for biofuels and environmental technician training. I became fascinated and started pouring through books. I realized that I had been practicing permaculture but just didn’t know the name of what I was doing. People scoffed and chuckled when I said I moved out here to grow a garden. Simply through compost and cover crops I’ve nurtured dusty clay into some of the richest soil loaded with earthworms. Flowers grow side by side with vegetables, and this year I have constructed trellises to maximize space and create a secret garden effect. I do believe that without a personal relationship with nature humans are lost and not whole.

    I like friends, so feel free to send me a message.



    Blackthumb to Greenthumb…over. Hehe, glad to know that knowledgeable people are taking the class! I am at the bottom of the curve starting to develop a knowledge base. I can only claim to be a Youtube enthusiast with a lot sized area to develop. Every year has it’s own challenges, but finding a comprehensive oversight program in permaculture gives me hope.

    Your secret garden concept sounds wonderful. Do you have any insight for plants to buddy with strawberries?

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