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    jet orbida

    i am jet orbida from binalbagan, negros occidental. my dreams are SCHOOL VEGETABLE GARDENING and URBAN AGRICULTURE. the phils is rich in natural resources. it’s taken for granted that’s why school children should be encouraged to plant for them to appreciate more these natural resources. our cities are filled with cemented roads, buildings and bridges . we need more green areas.



    Are you already starting a project? Would love to hear about it especially your school vegetable gardening dream! I’m originally from Manila but moved to a greener place 🙂 here in Mindoro where my family practices organic farming. Even though most of the lands are agricultural, I noticed that school yards are cemented, maybe for the purpose of hosting school programs and flag ceremony, but it would be nicer if there would at least be grasses and it would be less warmer. Very limited vegetable gardens too (I think just enough to pass the requirement for the schools’ TLE subject) and some schools only have ornamental plants, which I think is a reflection that the school curriculum is not aligned with the needs of students who are living in agricultural areas. Please update us with your ideas/activities. Peace & sunshine, Kamae



    hi kamae where are you at in mindoro?



    i am an ofw.
    it would be nice to teach kids about permaculture ethics and principles
    so they will have a better grasp on their responsibility to the earth and humanity
    we all eat therefore knowing and understanding where and how plants and animals become our food is essential
    in becoming more responsible and respectful to nature

    even if schools are cemented, there is raised bed gardening, straw bale gardening, vertical gardening, aquaponics etc.
    you can create and mimic nature in a small portion of the school grounds and introduce kids to permaculture

    good luck




    Hi everyone,

    I am studying permaculture course on line and have applied some principles to my backyard garden.
    Right now I would like to touch base with those who are into permaculture and earthbag home building in
    Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. My husband and I will retire there soon and my area is around Granada to
    Alanginan town which is being developed for ecotourism. I would be so happy to be in touch with you
    who are from the same area and share your inputs. Yes I also would like to teach the children on going
    back to nature for it is this way that we can all live lovingly to our earth home who gives everything to us
    but we have abused the resources we have by not being aware or educated when we were growing up…
    I was led to believe that life was to learn a course in school so you can have a job to start a family, etc
    till you grow old….this concept is not complete…
    We have an area close to Boy’s Town of Father Gracian…I will visit them soon in October.

    thank you for your responses and these have given me more incentive to continue….




    hello @marisa it is nice to learn likeminded people around… actually i am an ofw who is also taking the PDC via this institute….. how is the learning so far? i hope you find the lectures very interesting and informative

    throughout the journey, you will learn that although blessed with an amazing amount of agricultural resources, the Philippines have abused and exploited this resource for so many years…

    to this date, so many ‘so called natural’ farms exists as a result of “slash and burn”, selfishly destroying forests to grow vegetables for profit

    its time these farmers bring back what they have taken from nature for so long… by creating food forests back and implementing permaculture principles





    Hi @yusuf,

    thanks for the response. i find the course very informative although long videos. I will start to email some members that are from
    Negros Occidental. Binalbagan is not far but I think we need to have a base in Bacolod City. Jet Orbina from Binalbagan says his
    dream is to have a Permaculture SCHOOL integration well that can be done by starting small. I would love to hear from him also.
    Since I am a designer by trade, I am also learning earthbag building to start on my farm lot (small but it will be intensive is my plan).
    Live by example and your neighbors will be curious…Build your dreams … all of your responses are very inspiring….keep our
    conversation going….




    Hello everyone,

    I’m currently residing in Australia but my wife and I have some land in Eastern Samar which we visit as often as possible. We are trying to establish a small permaculture farm to allow us to move there on a more permanent basis. So far we have a small variety of fruit trees such as guava, custard apple, santol, mango, macupa (red bell), lansonis, rambutan, kalamansie, lime, several variety of bananas & coconut. We also have lots of vegetables grown by our family there. Yams, okra, chilli, casava, pineapple, beans, lemongrass, malungay, ginger, tomatoes, corn, and pumpkin.
We also have a few cows, chickens & pigs on the farm. And are looking at getting some goats soon too.
It would be great to connect with a few likeminded locals. I’d love to see what others may have already set up in our local area. Id love to be able to help each other out to source a greater variety of locally suited plants and or livestock.



    Cirilo B. Villarta

    Hi! Good day to all of you guys! How do you do? Please let me know if you’ll start a Philippine based group. I am Cirilo Villarta and we are planning to do a permaculture pilot project. in Rizal, CALABARZON.

    We are fundraising for the project. please visit our facebook and our website:


    Thank you and please keep in touch!


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